How Trump Actually Did Make America Great Again (but not how he planned)

Make America Great Again.

That was the tagline for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. It helped gain him support of Americans who were disillusioned with current administration and government. It helped get him elected.

Personally, I’d like to thank Mr. Trump because I think he is making America great again. Now, before you all think I’ve completely lost my mind, let me explain.

Because of Mr. Trump, Americans are talking about real issues.

People care about our electoral system, real election fraud, funding for social programs, minority rights, environmental issues, buying and corruption of politicians, silenced scientists… the list goes on. We, as Americans, are paying attention, getting educated and talking about things that matter.

All thanks to Mr. Trump.

We are also taking action against Mr. Trump policies, propaganda, and executive orders.

Americans who never marched, protested, called their representatives, or attended town hall meetings are doing so by the millions. Facebook pages are now full of people organizing action and helping others learn how to disseminate information, organize and fight for causes. Cities and businesses are refusing to abide by unconstitutional and un-American edicts. Employees who have been silenced at their jobs have gone “rogue” to keep legitimate information available. Real news is valued more than ever before.

And contacting the government?

Senators and Representatives are overwhelmed. Voicemail are full, mail is piled high. Town halls and voter meetings are overflowing. Voters are letting their representation in government know they need to shape up and defend America — or get out. These people work for the American people, and they are being reminded of this fact every day.

Again, thanks to Mr. Trump.

We now care about issues outside our small bubble.

White, middle class, educated Americans, who often ignored politics in the past, are standing beside minorities, immigrants, workers, LGBQT, educators, students, and scientists. Americans realize that taking rights from one group leads to taking rights from others. We refuse to become the next Nazi Germany. We refuse to allow others to be hurt, abused and shackled by intolerance and fear.

The country is united. United against bigotry and hatred. United against lies and propaganda. United in making America great again.

Again, thanks to Mr. Trump, his cronies and his actions.

Mr. Trump has brought families together, forged new friendships and strengthened previous ties, created strong bonds across the country, and ended years of complacency among Americans.

No other candidate could do all of this so quickly, so, again, thank you Mr. Trump.

We are educated, passionate and steady. We are strong and unified. We are ready to fight. We are great. We are America.

America IS Great Again.

I deliberately did not use President as Trump’s title in this article. I could not bring myself to write those words together, I have too much respect for the office to defame it in such a way.