The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

I think it is PTSD or a form of it. I also thought that there was a good chance that there would be a miracle of some sort at the convention. There were many many others who felt like we did who went there knowing that we were Millions strong and that we had hope and Faith that could move mountains and unseat even those stubborn entrenched Democratic Elites. Barring an October surprise from Assange that wipes Hillary out of the electoral map, it does feel like the bad guys have won when it comes to the short-term goal of electing Bernie Sanders. The convention was scripted carefully but even so it did not go off flawlessly. Hundreds of people walked out and embarrassed Democratic Party. Although the Democratic Convention was given credit for being better organized and not falling into complete disarray or negativity as was the Republican convention, still the convention left a bad taste in people’s mouths, even those who were Hillary supporters, because they know that Millions were disenfranchised by the decision to doggedly stick with their corrupt candidate. We lost a bitter fight, and one reason it hurts so much is because we suspect that if Bernie had gone for broke, we could have won everything on behalf of social Justice. It would have been a risky strategy because he might have lost anyway or for all we know he might have been killed. We’ll never know what might have been. We lost the battle but Bernie Sanders and the Revolution will win the war. I’m not saying Bernie made the right decision endorsing Hillary. He might have made a huge mistake. Perhaps it will become more clear over time. In the long-term we will be successful because we are millions strong, our hearts are pure and we will keep working to change this country from the inside and the outside and from every side in between.