Hilsoft Labs 2015


Its 2015 and it’s been 14 years since we started this mission. A lot has changed. We started with just a passion to develop something. We didn’t know yet what product to develop and how to do it. We then agreed to start with an accounting software. We did the model, we consulted experienced accountants. We started using Java 4, EJB 2.0, Struts 1b and the 2001 version of PostgreSQL but we eventually migrated to MySql.

Then from merely an accounting software, we added modules such as inventory, procurement, point-of-sale for retail, branch accounting features and so on and now migrated to what we call Hilsoft ERP World Class with thousands of users local and international.

Just last year when we commenced the development of Hilsoft Payroll + HR to be released very soon. On top of those, we have a lot of complimentary front-end applications.

For over the years, Hilsoft is now living its dream, to be a software lab. We made it sure that we develop a good foundation in our R&D process, Agile methodology and best software implementation process not to mention a strong core team. We are confident and we are mature in delivering a working product.

Having said these things, Hilsoft is now READY for fresh innovation. We are announcing Hilsoft Labs 2015.

Dennis M. Hilario is the Founder & Managing Partner of Hilsoft, Inc. a software development R&D Lab in the Philippines.

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