Creative Uses of Box of Cereal

Hilton Patten
Jun 18 · 3 min read

The most favorite takeaway of children is a box of cereal. So, whenever you take them to the grocery store, they are going to pick their favorite cereal. Most of the times, the empty box of cereal is thrown away in the garbage. But you can actually make use of this box in several different ways.

In this article, we are going to discuss different amazing uses of a cereal box.

Writing pad

You can make a writing pad with the help of a box of cereal. You will just have to wait for the children to finish the cereal and then the box is all yours. The supplies that you are going to need to make the writing pad may include a modge podge, knife and binder clips.

Gift Boxes

You can pack a gift in the cereal box. A little treatment of the box with the help of ribbons, buttons and bows can turn it into a beautiful gift box which your receiver is surely going to appreciate.

Gift tags

Since a cereal box is quite a large one and the inner side of it doesn’t have any specific design, you can make gift tags from this box. While creating gift tags, you have to make sure that you clout a hole at the top of the box to attach the tags. Use ribbon or string to attach the gift tag with the gift.


You can cut small sized rectangular strips from a cereal box to create the bookmarks. This is an amazing idea to organize your book reading routine.

Magazine Holder

You can use a cereal box to hold your magazines. All you have to do is to cut the box diagonally. To decorate it further, you can wrap the box with a wrapping paper. Another way is to use a spray paint to redecorate the box.

Shipping boxes

Your cereal boxes can be also be used to ship items from one place to another. These boxes are specifically beneficial if you ship your items after receiving online orders. You just need to turn the inside portion of the box outside and print your own business logo or wrap a paper of your choice.

Business cards

Preparing business cards with the help of cereal boxes is not an easy thing. However, it can be quite beneficial if you learn about making those cards.