The 10 Golden Rules Of Sugar Dating

Feb 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Commit To Your Role

To grab someone online you need to have a role that you play, are you a country girl, a studious nerd, or are you a free spirited soulful kind. Whatever you want, pick it and stick to it. Have a way of life that you are known for.

Patience Is Key

Regular dating is a process as is sugar dating. Be patient with the process because just like in other types of dating you need to find someone that you like and likes you back.

Be Upfront

Sugar dating has a category of its own because there are people that have money and want to take care of other people. You are searching for a sugar daddy but they are also searching for sugar babies so be clear with your wants and needs in the beginning so they know what you expect.

Define Your Relationship

Unlike regular dating, sugar dating is more formal. Create a schedule for meet-ups and what will happen so that both parties are happy and get what they want without any confusion.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

A sugar daddy has expectations of how is sugar baby will look and act. Think of it more as a job.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t express that you’ve had a bad day, but it does mean that you can’t meet your sugar daddy wearing your favorite sweats (unless that’s what your daddy wants, of course).”

Keep Your Promises

Cancelling on a date is inappropriate and switching plans is also bad. That is why you have your set schedule because you depend on one another. If you can’t keep up your end of the deal you are in the wrong dating pool.

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Dating a powerful and wealthy man comes with strings. Just because you are happy to be on his yacht for the weekend, he may not want to be seen flaunting a sugar baby. Keep the photos to yourself and be discreet about your relationship.


Use your position as a tool. Take advantage of the time you are spending with a mogul and learn how to better yourself as well as network with his other wealthy friends. Your future is important and should not be put on the back burner.


Most likely you are in this relationship for the money and he is in it for you. Love should not be a priority and things can get messy if you add feelings into the mix. Keep your heart in check for not to fall for your sugar daddy unless the feeling is mutual.

Closing Time

All good things come to an end. Have a Plan B lined up for when you no longer have a sugar daddy. Maybe even put some of the money he gives you into a savings throughout your relationship to prepare for the end.


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