Be The Change You Want to See

They say “Education is a basic human right” but the region I belong from, I never saw this as true.

I know children who willing want to go to school and study, but it’s their bad luck that they don’t get it. Girls are forced to get married and have kids and look after their family and boys are either forced to continue agricultural work or their family works and are not given chance to study.

The less Representation of women in the technology field is a major result of opportunities that the men get and women are denied. In the major portion of our country even now girls are not given the opportunity to continue their studies or we can say are not supported to continue their study in the technology field as they believe that at the end all they have to do is home chores. As a result of this, there is very less portion of girls studying all across the country. Next problem we face is the lack of mentorship and disappointing talks we get when we come across any problem or say stuck in any situation in technical skills. Girls are always considered as less interested in technical stuff and it leads to an environment where we have left aside. These are a few problems I faced and girls in India are facing which directly influence there technical field of study even their schooling is denied by their family members.

So I want to organize summer camp classes for students who want to learn programming languages (C, C++, PYTHON) and support them to grow in the technical field, there will be special classes for girls who don’t get support from there family to pursue their career and stand on their feet.

I am not denying the fact that there are government school in almost 1 out of 5 villages but the quality of education provided there is not enough for growth of students studying in that school, and then there are almost 2–3 Private schools but due to the high admission fee poor students can’t afford, and in today’s world education is the most important thing for someone’s growth, to fight against the world, and to survive in the rapidly changing environment and to live in the developing era, one needs to be updated with the upcoming technologies, need to understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

My father opened a School in our Village for us to study but it faces some problem like lack of resources, lack of eligible teachers and this was my main motivation towards pursuing Development as a career and making a choice to become a coder. I want to support my school and hence I worked hard and joined an English medium school in 6th grade and cleared Joint Entrance Examination so that I can learn things from good teachers and be under good mentors and after that, I can complete my dream of changing the situation of students at the village areas and students who are financially weak to continue study in a good school and shape their future. Most of the region in our country faces the same problem and I know changes don’t come overnight, we need to take one step each time so after completing my college degree firstly and then my aim will be to -

  • provide opportunities, such as free, accessible programming workshops for women and creating educational materials available online;
  • promote the image of a female software engineer by driving advertising campaigns to encourage women to join the IT field and highlighting existing role models.

With the mentorship, I will get from Toptal, I want to learn Web development and Python Language and its Implementations. With the things I will learn, I will make a website where students can get all information about the summer camp program and workshop and resources and links to websites they need for further studies, where there will be progress reports of students and online tutoring in case they need help, there will be an online chat room for them to get help at any time after the camp is over. I have done a few basic projects in python to learn its basics but with proper guidance from a Toptal mentor, I will be able to learn things in a proper way and apply it. Coding skills will help me to start a new life after college.

I want to help students grow on their own and stand for their rights and be independent and coding and development is something which can give them income if they work even from home and make them independent so that they can support themselves to go to school also. And for that, my own development is important which I believe Toptal will support me grow in the technical field. I am determined to complete the aim of my life and I have worked hard to achieve it in life and will continue doing it cause I feel aimless life is not worth living.

I along with my team members participated in our College Hackfest and even our idea got selected for HackM 2018( Hackfest organized by Maharashtra government). I am currently working on a web development project which helps girls at any point in time if they feel unsafe to search for a person nearby and inform them that she need help. Due to lack of mentorship and knowledge, I am not able to complete the app or continue working on it so I feel Toptal will give me an opportunity to get guidance from my mentor and complete my project.

The above link was one of the motivating things for me where rural girls from rural India skyped with CEO of Microsoft. They came to know things about technology, networking and many more things related to technical kinds of stuff and all.

The above link again gave me the motivation to bring changes in the world in form of technical stuff and to pursue my career in the field of a technology. As this isn’t an initiative by a swanky private school, but government girls’ schools in the remote district of Godda in Jharkhand through the medium of Virtual Reality.

Here a girl won 95 days long hackathon and I want to be the one, best in my field and I believe Toptal will help me achieve this and I definitely will work hard to achieve more than this in my life. To achieve my goal I am working hard and will try to move all the mountains in between for the sake of it, on my vacation I teach students and give tuitions to financially weak students for free. I am currently in 3rd year of my college, and in the field of development and coding, I am working hard to challenge the world.