Things You Should Take Note of Before Booking a Hotel in a Hill Station

While planning a trip, especially to a hill station, one of the most important parts to look out for is booking a hotel. The fact that you enjoy a place to the fullest, it is very important to wisely choose a hotel or cottage. It will not only make your trip memorable but give a good time while your stay.

Talking about hill stations, Nainital is one of the popular destinations, especially when summer takes over rest of the North India. City of lakes, Nainital is spectacular with its natural panorama. It astonishes you with its beauty and charisma. Not picking up a perfect Himalaica home stay in Nainital, to view the perfect sunset and the very centre of attraction, Naini Lake.

You might be looking out for many hotels and cottages over the internet, while planning your trip to Nainital, but here are few tips that might help you find a better stay.

· Never forget to check the exact location of the hotel or cottages, or else you might end up in a closed room located between the narrow lanes in the city. Use Google maps or website of the hotel to locate the exact location of the place you have to stay.

· No matter how much hotel praises itself and promises to give you good facilities while you stay, review sites are the best place to check if the same follows with customers stayed there. Honest testimonials are the best way to check and choose a place.

· At some hotels, pick and drop facilities are also available. The shuttle that picks you from bus station to hotel and drops you out again can be of huge benefit to you as you might not be able to locate the hotel, being not too familiar with the place.

· As Nainital is not too far from the Capital, some of you might even plan to have a drive and take your own car. But before, you do that; ensure that the hotel you've booked does have a parking space. There might a space crunch in the city as hundreds of people come up for the holiday season.

· See the additional facilities that the hotel provides you such as wi-fi, meals, spa, gym, etc. At times hotels do not mention these but add the charges while you pay your bill. Be a rational customer and don’t hesitate to ask for these services at the time of check-in.

· For any other assistance or query, call the hotel directly. Make yourself satisfied and take all the information that you require before booking the hotel.

These are few pointers that will definitely help you choose a better room. To choose best Himalaica cottages in Kumaon, check out Himalaica. There resorts and cottages offer you best view, services and stay in Nainital.