Outsourcing SEO or cooking it In-house!!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the sugar in the Marketing Team — few organizations can afford to turn a blind eye to it or renounce this tactic. With a well-optimized website and a well managed content-driven SEO strategy, you can improve your rankings. Yes, Guaranteed. 
It’s not a herculean job to implement a Sound strategy, but it has to be done right, which begs the question, “who should manage and run the SEO gala of the business?”

Stay In-House Or Choose a Professional?

It all funnels down to what the company actually needs. For the entrepreneurs among you, the biggest pain is that the day just has 24 hours, which is not enough for all the if’s and why’s of the business. There are few among us who have enough hours to create robust content consistently while coping up with daily to-do’s in the list. It’s very rare that they kick-off and manage an efficient in-house SEO program.

Ongoing SEO tasks should be the heart-beat of every entrepreneur’s cockpit, most likely they need a professional SEO pilot to ensure that the plane flies smoothly.

Still have a doubt? Here’s a handful of the plethora of tasks that should be taken in consideration for a smooth SEO plan:

  • Blog posts– at least two/month, but ideal 4–8/month
  • Guest blog posts– Occasional for relevant third-party sites
  • Social media posts– 50–200 posts/month across major social media platforms
  • Ongoing reputation and citation management
  • Email marketing
  • Ongoing backlink analysis
  • Marketing automation for lead capture and remarketing
  • PPC advertising

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the endless list of tasks that have to be dealt with for an impressive SEO strategy.

You cannot by any chance ignore big-papa Google altogether. The SEO puzzle is not a kids game, it’s something that demands deep knowledge and most of all a lot of dedicated hours. It’s all about deciding that are your players worthy of playing this game or do you need to hire a team of professionals for this.

This isn’t an easy as choosing between black or white. Firstly, we recommend you to have a clear picture of the website goals and the SEO budget.

Meet up with an SEO expert to have an idea about what is the best way to get the maximum results in the budget set aside by you for SEO. 
Don’t forget, the dollars spent on SEO are an investment, not an expense.

Once you are clear about your budget and your goals, it’s all about how to go forward with it whether to stay in-house or hire a marketing agency.

We shout-out for an Agency. Why?

We recommend a sound marketing agency for a small business. Why? Being a startup or a new in the b-world entrepreneur you don’t have any specific training or management responsibilities, and most often it’s the cost-effective option, provided by the group of people who follow the best practices and deliver cost-effective consistent results. It’s all about finding the right SEO partner for your business.

Why are we going gaga for an agency? Its because we think an agency knows the best, they will outline the process and bring out a strategy that takes your business to new heights. Their knowledge have a mix of real-time experience and fighting the SEO challenges of all kinds. The agency you hire are forced to keep climbing towards the top of the SEO & Google hill. 
SEO is like hebrew for most of us, therefore keeping a track of your in-house SEO expert(s) becomes very difficult because it’s not your area of expertise. 
Moreover, external teams follow a team-based approach and therefore, they are able to deliver a variety of things like content generation (which isn’t mostly in an in-house experts wheelhouse). 
Working with an external group of professional will give you access to premium SEO, tracking and social media tools that will add to the business’s pockets by enhancing the money spend.

Choosing The Right Agency

Screening out the right SEO or marketing agency is like finding the right fish in the sea. Beware of the agencies who promise you the everest but are not competent enough to deliver a mole-hill.

While zeroing an agency just clarify the following common SEO questions-

  • Have they worked with a similar organisation?
  • Authentic References for their previous work.
  • What is the primary metrics they focus on? –customer leads, sales, and conversions.
  • Do they have a quality over quantity approach
  • When will they deliver results? — SEO is like a marathon, not a small sprint. You should expect initial results within 4–6 months.
  • SEO related certifications
  • Costing? Clarify the balance between how much they will cost you and how much profit will they deliver

For small businesses or Start-ups, if you are implementing the SEO program, just take some time but choose the right way. A wrong SEO plan can make your company go the downside of the hill.

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