Wait!!! Are you ready to go VIRAL??

Who doesn’t want to go viral? But one question that quizzes us all is that “ Is this a potential viral idea or story?”.
We all want to attain Nirvana, go to the Himalayas and you are served with a world of tranquility. But then what? Is it enough, we can the No screaming from behind. There are still heights to attain.

Likewise, we all want to go Viral, but none of us thinks about the next big thing “ “Are we really prepared if we do go viral?”

What does being prepared mean? Do we need to mug up a speech for the paparazzi?

Let’s say you have a viral campaign on-board, it’s time to celebrate? Wait, just put your champagne down and get few think right.
Obviously, brands have campaigns like Wendy’s Twitter campaign #NuggsForCarter or Ellen’s Oscar Selfie in mind when they think of going VIRAL. . These stories just make you feel-good and warm your heart, make the crowd laugh and increases a positive awareness for the product. Believe me none of us wants a bad viral publicity — think about Pepsi’s recent Kendall Jenner ad.

But even if you go viral in the right direction, there is always a gloomy side. Attaining the viral tag is extremely overwhelming; at its worst it can ruin your reputation or just take you nowhere.

Chill!! Don’t let your mind wander in the wrong directions just keep the following things in mind before sending your next-big-viral idea out in the magical world of Internet.

Go back. Just way, way, way back.

Once on the internet, forever on the internet.
Everything that you post on your online profiles lives till eternity. So, once you viral, be prepared for the journos to uncover even the silly hungover picture your friend posted on your profile.

Why So? Because your idea is making waves, the paparazzi just digs deep down to get a unique story about you to stand out. They will ransack every picture, tweet, glassdoor reviews, MySpace profile and even have interviews with every far fetched person related to you and your business. 
The point here is, even if the whole thing starts at a positive note, one wrong turn and the whole thing is ruined. So just make it a point to just go back to 1000 BC and have a valid explanation for everything you & your brand no longer align to.

Just be prepared to talk about your pictures of you relishing barbeque when your viral project promotes PETA.

Know What to talk and whom to talk to

Once your story goes viral, you will have journos and proposals from the next door office to a guy from the peaks of the Himalayas. They will contact for you, your mom, your security guard, your first ever hired employee and even your kindergarten teacher.

Your phone will be bussing off the hook with endless blocked numbers. Just don’t behave like a kid who sees the airplane for the first time and runs to catch it. Relax!! Let voicemail handle all those calls. Reporters will try their there best to reach you, just don’t be caught off-guard. 
Have a cool marketing plan, know where you want to feature and what you want the world to perceive.
If you’re a strong feminist company, don’t just go and have your first interview with Maxim. Know who you want to talk to before the story goes viral.

You’ll have better things to do like manage the new uprising demand for your product than reading something ridiculous and get tone deaf while sleep deprived and exhausted.

Just hire a marketing firm and let them do this tedious task while you sip your glass of champagne.

Happy Customer = Loyal Customer

Let’s face it! ALL brands, yes All of us, are customer service brands. We are nowhere without our customers, so all that hard work we put into making your product the next big thing, its promotions and the viral marketing plan you chalk out will be lost. 
Just remember, don’t just give deliver a apple when your campaigns shows a yummilicious apple tart. If you’re not able to deliver what they expect, an exceptional customer service can be your last saving grace. So just empathize and truly give your customers a special experience.

Make sure your timing is right.

You cannot just hit a home run on any ball. Timing matters. 
Keep a track of what other stories are ruling the market when you are launching your campaign. 
Your “Made in America” campaign planned for july 4th will not only look tone deaf but also will have a risk of negative narrative instead of a positive one if Trump decides to issue an immigration ban on July 3.

Also, if you are selling a product, make sure you have enough inventory or sources to have one. We usually don’t expect our story to go viral, but if yours does be prepared to roll out ship to every house in the country overnight.

All this said and done,Just freak out, enjoy the moment and party hard but don’t forget to take forward the stardom in the right direction.