Pin Bhaba Pass : A Photo Journal of an explosive high altitude Himalayan Trek

Vaibhav Chauhan
Aug 27, 2016 · 3 min read

Pin Bhaba Pass is one of the shortest trans-Himalayan treks that Kinnaur has to offer. Its significance is understood by those who have done Pin Parvati Pass, it’s neighboring bigger sister trek.

To put it in perspective, Pin Bhaba Pass is a ‘Mini Pin Parvati Pass’ Trek in the making. It captures all the exciting aspect of Pin Parvati Trek in a shorter time span. It is power packed with a stark contrast of an evergreen Bhaba Valley of Kinnaur and the mysterious Cold Desert of Pin Valley. It has picturesque camping grounds that are only inhabited by passing shepherd folks. Route finding, river crossing, traversing a near 5,000-meter snow pass is routine. The views from the pass are identical to what one gets from Pin Parvati Pass. In just 5 days of trekking, you get the money worth of an 11-day expedition trek that is Pin Parvati.

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When Shrinivas Sudhir trekked to Pin Bhaba Pass in August, he was completely taken aback. Being an amateur photographer, he helped in documenting the trek. Enjoy the high-quality Pictures of the Trek

The perennial walk along its grassy meadows is practically untouched by loud human presence. Sadly, with the identification of this trek by Major Commercial Trekking Companies, that is going to change.
The wide expanse of the green Bhaba Valley is a pleasant surprise. The wide funnel like Valley sustains a very delicate Eco-sphere.
Ours is the only tent pitched. It is not that difficult to understand why this route has been so popular with backpackers looking to trek in peace away from Bulk hoards of Trekking Groups.
The lush Forest cover of Silver Birch, Pine and Oak Trees all around. We saw one of the most healthiest Himalayan Forest in Western Himalayas.
The serpent like projectiles of the river looks beautiful as we climbed towards the higher ground of the Pass.
Who moved my Cheese? The contrast of the desolate Pin Valley of Spiti hit us profoundly as we climbed down the pass.
Looking back at the Pass we crossed over as we bid our final goodbye!

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