World Interaction Design Day 2019, IxDA Delhi NCR

Key highlights of the event and my views on trust and responsibility in design.

About World Interaction Design Day (IXDD)

About the event

“The speakers were really amazing and the interaction with them at the end made it great.” — Vishant

“…Intellectual honesty revisited..” — Veetrag

Trust and Responsibility in design

Drawing the line between influencing and manipulation

Enter emerging technologies and data-driven brands

So, what can we do about it?

“Community breeds standards; standards breed accountability; accountability breeds trust; licensure validates that trust…”

“ short, a veil of ignorance is a way of determining whether what you’re designing, be it a startup, a dinner plan, or a system of government, is just. It’s very simple: when designing something, imagine that your relationship to that system gets determined after you have made it.”

(L-R) (Speakers) Himanshu Khanna, Nishita Gill, Akanksha Singh, (Co-leads) Soumya Hastekar, Himanshu Seth. Pic by Himanshu Khanna

Key Highlights from talks

“Trust and Responsibility in marketplace” by Akanksha Singh

“Revolutions are Invisible” by Nishita Gill

“When you’re driving behaviour change for the user, let’s not forget its for the client as well.” — #gyaankibaat by Nishita

“The need for responsible design” by Himanshu Khanna

A photo recap of the event.

“If you didn’t come to the event, take my word, and attend a talk that any one of them is giving in the future. You’ll not regret it” — Keshav

“It was such happiness to connect to a passionate bunch there to share and learn at the same time!” — Akanksha

About the IxDA-Delhi NCR team

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