A study case of handling 10k+ row update by using csv as an input

If you are new to Back End Engineering, you might think that API flow is as simple as request, process then response. Well, at least that’s what I thought when I decide to start new journey as a Back End Engineer around 6 months ago. But, unfortunately, the reality is not that simple as you might already know. …

Coming up with features is difficult, time-consuming, requires expert knowledge. “Applied machine learning” is basically feature engineering. — Andrew Ng

When I just started to learn about machine learning and follow Andre Ng course, I don’t really understand, even disagree, with what Andrew Ng means in the quote above. Because I thought that machine learning is mainly about choosing and tuning the best algorithm for your specific case. My naive mind at that moment believe that, as long as you choose the correct algorithm and put some effort to tune the hyper parameter, you will be able to create a good machine learning model. Yes, I used to be that annoying guy that learn machine learning just by reading papers and articles without any practical experience but still believe that my knowledge is good enough. …

In my previous post, I talk about Google Cloud Storage and CloudSQL and today I want to talk about BigQuery. If you remember, my current project is involving those 3 services and you might wonder why don’t I make a single article talking about those 3 services altogether. Well, it is simply because if I make a single article about BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage and CloudSQL, it’s gonna be 15 minutes or more article, which honestly I am to lazy to read that kind of article on Medium. …


Himang Sharatun

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