Why TestingWhiz for All Your Web & Mobile Applications?

Today, all the QA engineers of the small as well as large scale software development companies are facing problems while testing the softwares developed by their developers. The most common among those issues are the time and the efforts required for manual testing. Not all QA engineers are skilled with the code generation. So, it becomes difficult for them to write small to larger testing scripts for the web, cloud and mobile applications prepared for the customers. So, this has become the time when they are in great need of shifting towards the automated software testing tools.

There are many companies who have started developing their own testing products for their own clients. But, as they are for the limited projects, they definitely lack a few of the capabilities compared to the ones specially designed for the highly skilled QA professionals working individually or in some IT organizations. So, it becomes highly important for the organizations to choose the ones that are versatile in all functionalities. TestingWhiz is among those professional testing products that can help the test engineers to conduct unit, functional, integration and regression testing easily.

Have a look at why TestingWhiz is chosen over other automated software testing tools:

o That’s right. This tool allows the testers to write less code and perform more tests.

o Its engine responds very fast. Every test cases are executed at lightning speed.

Record & Playback Availability:
o With the help of this, instant editing in the code and objects is possible. One can record and playback the tests as and when required. This is the feature that is not available in all the in-house test automation softwares.

290+ Pre-defined Commands:
o TestingWhiz comprises of more than 290 commands that are pre-defined to ease the testing load of the QAs.

Multilingual Support:
o Testing engineers can translate their test cases, reports and scripts in different languages of the world. This works great for the companies dealing with international market.

Easy Test Scheduler:
o Test scheduler in TestingWhiz allows the testers to schedule the tests on their preferred date, time and day. Not only this, but one is allowed to set the exceptions for the tests and the frequency of the tests to take place.

Fast Distributed Testing:
o This feature helps the testers with permitting the tests to take place at different computers connected to the shared network or server. This definitely reduces the time required for testing the whole system.

Reusable Functionalities:
o The tests that are required to execute more often can be clubbed together in to a function called “method” and can be re-used as and when required.

Risk Oriented Testing:
o This is considered to be the most important benefit to use TestingWhiz. This feature allows the QA professionals to execute those test cases that are considered to be the most critical part of the applications and this is done with the help of the risk analysis performed by this product.

Well, these are a few benefits for which TestingWhiz is considered to be the test automation tool that will change the face of the automated software testing world.

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