Top 30 Digital Marketing Twitter Handles to Follow in 2017

Business is getting tough every day. Rather, I should say that online business is getting tough day by day.

We all know that competition is high in every industry and that’s why no MD or CEO can risk the sales and profits of the business in any case. This has resulted into increased amount of investments on the digital marketing side.

According to Gartner, every business spends an average of 2.5% of its annual revenue on digital marketing and it is increasing every year. Obviously, the major source of business is now with the help of digital marketing. And, not every business has the expert level of digital marketers employed or engaged.

So, how to grab the expertise on this subject matter?

Here are the top 30 digital marketing experts that can help you to gain highest return on digital marketing investments for the year 2017 just by following their Twitter Handles:

1. Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley

Any digital marketing tips and tricks, whether you are a learner, beginner or an expert, you should not at all miss a single tweet posted by Mr. Sam Hurley.

Sam Hurley is a Growth Hacker and a Social Media Influencer. He takes care of the all the people out there looking for detailed guidelines related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Thus, he is considered as the most leading digital marketing influencer and is ranked #1 for the same by

Specifically, I admire him a lot because of his great helping nature. Though being on #1 position on many digital marketing insights, he is very down to earth.

Twitter handle: @Sam___Hurley

2. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas

Sir Jeff is the most followed personality in the whole digital marketing industry.

Being #1 content marketing strategist, he makes sure that all the followers are helped with his content marketing tips and tricks specifically starting from beginning to the end.

While my career with TestingWhiz — a test automation solutions provider, I have learnt a term, “End-to-End application testing”, same way goes for the Sir Jeff — “End-to-End Digital Marketing Strategies”.

He is the #11 at Forbes Top 50 social media influencer who has educated and influenced more than 16 million people for their careers and businesses.

Also, Sir Jeff is the renowned #1 Global Business Blogger helping out businesses and Entrepreneurs like us, to help generate sales, progress and success.

That is why, I would like to refer Sir Jeff Bullas as — The Man with a Golden Heart

Twitter Handle: @jeffbullas

3. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Have you ever attended the Whiteboard Friday by Rand?

Oh man! You’ve been missing the most important things that could help you overcome problems faced during PPC campaigns, Keyword placements, content generation, lead generation, etc.

He is the founder of the most reliable organization for SEO, MOZ. Moz is a software that helps you overcome the hurdles you are facing while building, managing and maintaining your SEO tasks/records. Rand is actively spreading his tweets that helps the investors, online marketers, startup owners and the technology enthusiasts.

So, don’t forget to tune in to Whiteboard Friday this week!

Twitter handle: @randfish 

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Have you ever imagined that a person can be known as a Brand?


Well, here is what my reaction was, too: How can a person be a BRAND?

But, yes that’s so true that Mr. Neil Patel is actually a brand!

Neil is an entrepreneur at, investor and definitely an influencer for all the digital marketers out there. He founded the SaaS analytics tool with Hiten Shah (@hnshah) which helps to track the clicks of every visitor landed on your website with heatmap & confetti reports.

Whether you are having problems with keyword ranking, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, etc., Neil has all the answers for you. Also, he is the hot columnist for Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and many more.

Twitter Handle: @neilpatel

5. Larry Kim

Larry Kim

An Online Advertising geek Larry is!

Larry is the founder of the most famous and Google recognized organization, WordStream, which is helping the small scale businesses for developing, launching and managing the Adwords campaigns with the greatest level of experience and excellence. WordStream also offers the free SEO & PPC tools.

He guides on internet marketing tips and tricks that helps the business to gain utmost profit from Adwords & Facebook advertising. Larry is the top columnist for Inc.

Larry shares his valuable insights on Internet marketing for various industries to all the PPC advertisers. If you are looking to solve your queries related to PPC campaigns or Facebook campaigns, Larry has his all ears for you!

Twitter Handle: @larrykim

6. John Lincoln

John Lincoln

What is your area of interest?

· On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

· Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

· Growth Marketing

· Social Media Marketing (SMM)

· Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Well, John is an expert for all the techniques mentioned above.

John Lincoln (MBA) is the CEO of the Ignite Visibility and a teacher at UCSD. Being an author, he is actively sharing his expertise and experience on all the above listed topics to his audiences via Entrepreneur, Search Engine and Marketing Land, Inc.

Twitter Handle: @johnelincoln

7. Daniel Knowlton

Daniel Knowlton

Daniel Knowlton is passionate about Digital Marketing.

Daniel has trained many digital marketing beginners, executives and experts as well. He was recently featured on #12 in Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers & Brands for the year 2016.

He has also been featured in many of the posts by Sir Jeff Bullas. He is an active writer for digital marketing industry at Social Media Examiner & Content Marketing Institute.

Check out his Twitter Handle below to help your businesses grow in terms of digital presence, sales, revenue, brand awareness & customer relationships.

Twitter Handle: @dknowlton1

8. Eric Rodgers

Eric Rodgers

Eric Rodgers is fond of Digital Marketing, Technology and Traveling.

Being a co-founder of Direct Access Digital that helps business to achieve bespoke digital marketing services in order to achieve the business goals with 100% authenticity & 100% transparency.

Follow his Twitter Handle to help you achieve your business goals with the help of all digital marketing strategies.

9. Dr. Dave Chaffey

Dr. Dave Chaffey

Dr. Dave Chaffey needs no introduction. He is the CEO and an editor at the well-known Digital Marketing Firm — Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Ltd.

Dr. Dave’s heart and soul exists in Digital Marketing. He blogs about the latest evolution that takes place in the digital marketing field. His mission is to guide students, professionals or lecturers for their careers. His books are also available that has already helped and are currently helping students and professionals for latest digital marketing developments.

Dr. Dave is also sharing his knowledge, skills and experience of digital marketing trends and guides via SmartInsights.

Dr. Dave can be considered as a precious angel in the digital marketing industry and we are not the experts, right? If we need to be one, follow him right away.

Twitter Handle: @DaveChaffey

10. Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock

Sir Warren Whitlock is a man of inspiration.

Sir Warren is a keynote speaker, partner at IBM Futurists, Influencer Marketer, Radio Host and an author. Since his 40 years of experience in digital marketing, he has been helping various businesses to improve their business goals.

Till now Sir Warren has helped many digital marketing professionals to improve their clients or employers brand influence.

Are still you not following his tweets? Don’t miss them!

Twitter Handle: @WarrenWhitlock

11. Ed Leake

Ed Leake

Ed Leake is a Pay Per Click (PPC) elite.

Ed is considered to be an Adwords guy. If you don’t believe me, have a look at his YouTube channel. He advises people for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. His expertise led him into the Top 100 Influencer Digital Marketing List and among the most influential PPC experts for the year 2016.

Ed is the Managing Director at Midas Media — a digital marketing agency.

Grab the expertise, knowledge, skills and learning from Ed Leake by following his Twitter Handle.

Twitter Handle: @EdLeake

12. Chirag Kulkarni

Chirag Kulkarni

Chirag Kulkarni is an upcoming bright star in the Digital Marketing World.

Chirag is an Entrepreneur and a co-founder at Insightfully. He is a great writer about everything that makes him the best in the digital marketing trends.

Chirag is a columnist for Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Huffington Post and many others. He also update his website with latest digital marketing and content marketing tips, tricks and trends.

Check out his Twitter Handle to understand the fresh and young digital marketing strategies.

Twitter Handle: @chirag_kulkarni

13. Paul Suggitt

Paul Suggit

Paul Suggit is an award winning web and application developer.

Having experience of more than 18 years into web development, digital marketing and social media marketing, Paul has complete knowledge and experience on how the technologies and industries have been changing. How digital marketing and social media marketing took over the charge from traditional marketing strategies.

Paul is a renowned writer about the social media, digital marketing and content marketing tips for all the businesses looking out to become successful online. So, follow him now.

Twitter Handle: @Paul_Suggitt

14. David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt is the founder of THGM — The Happy Guy Marketing.

David’s Twitter feeds will help you to improve your sales through email marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, etc. He has a team who writes and promotes for his firm and also shares insights on improving sales by all means possible through online marketing.

If you have any doubts on improving your brand building strategies with the help of digital marketing, you need to follow him.

Twitter Handle: @amabaie

15. James Malone

James Malone

James Malone is an all-rounder in digital marketing.

James is a founder of MaximaPR and thus, from writing content to social media marketing, he has everything to share his knowledge and experience.

Check out his Twitter handle to make sure your digital marketing strategies are at place.

Twitter Handle: @jmalonepr

16. Charles Friedo Frize

Charles Friedo Frize

Charles Friedo Frize is the CEO & founder of Frize Media.

Charles is the renowned thought leader in the digital marketing, influencer marketing, growth hacking and brand advocacy.

Charles is fond of writing and I don’t have words to appreciate his skills and speed of writing content. He is so much active on the Social Media and you can have all your queries solved if you regularly follow his tweets. There are many tweets which are promotional due to his business, but other than that, the tweets are quite useful for the businesses to gain deeper understanding on digital marketing activities.

Follow him now and your Feed will be filled with numerous digital marketing Twitter feeds.

Twitter Handle: @CharlesFrize

17. Amit Panchal

Amit Panchal

Amit Panchal, a co-founder at Blood Monk — an initiative to receive and donate the blood to the needy, is a Digital Marketing thought leader and also a social enthusiast.

Amit is a digital marketing consultant and you will find many tips and tricks pertaining to Internet Marketing, social media marketing and blogging from his write-ups.

He is one of the founder at #DigiFuture and is actively giving sessions on digital marketing at #DigiFuture.

Twitter Handle: @AmitHPanchal

18. Alvin Lindsay

Alvin Lindsay

Alvin Lindsay is well known as an Internet Entrepreneur.

Alvin helps businesses specifically online businesses by sharing valuable tips to help improve its growth and reaching to the success.

He is actively sharing great news and updates on social media marketing and digital marketing which includes from blogging to email marketing tricks.

Check out his Twitter Handle and pour your feed with interesting and worth-reading articles or blogs on business tips, social media and digital marketing tricks.

Twitter Handle: @alvinlindsay21

19. Debra Mastaler

Debra Mastaler

Debra Mastaler is the first woman in my list of Digital Marketing Specialists and she inspires me a lot.

Debra has been a keynote speaker for around 70 well-known events. She has been a featured columnist at most of the highly popular websites like Search Engine Land, Tech Crunch, PC World, CIO, etc.

Debra has shared many interesting insights on Link Building via Podcasts & Videos, and had also been interviewed by large Digital Marketing Enterprises.

Debra Mastaler has inspired me and many others with her career in digital marketing. Haven’t you inspired yet? Follow her and you will get to know how important is to follow her tweets.

Twitter Handle: @debramastaler

20. Anise Smith

Anise Smith

Anise is one of the top Digital Marketing experts and frankly speaking, I am proud of her.

Anise Smith is not only a digital marketing technologist, but also a professor in Social Media & Marketing. She is truly a digital marketing woman. She is involved in many professions like professor, technologist, webinar developer, etc. But, one thing is common in all her roles, i.e. Digital Marketing.

You can definitely follow her Twitter Handle to help your businesses reach up to great success with the help of her digital marketing and blogging tweets.

Twitter Handle: @AniseSmith

21. Audrey DeSisto

Audrey DeSisto is a proud owner of Digital Marketing Stream.

Audrey DeSisto is a writer, blogger, social media influencer and engagement expert. So, she and her team regularly update latest tips and tricks as well as latest news that will help your businesses grow well online as well as on social media.

Digital M Stream has been followed by many experts mentioned above. Have you followed it?

Twitter Handle: @Digitalmstream

22. Akash Shrivastava

Akash Shrivastava

Akash Shrivastava is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) Expert.

Akash is working as a Social Media Marketing manager at iMarketing Enterprises. He shares quite useful and amazing digital marketing content via his Twitter account.

One must follow him. Haven’t you followed him yet?

Twitter Handle: @akashchitransh

23. Robert Jones

Robert Jones

Robert Jones is a Managing Director at Exodus Digital Marketing.

Robert is a consultant for small businesses and help them with the digital marketing strategies and activities. He pays keen attention on the latest Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing, influencer marketing, SEO and web design trends to help businesses improve the digital marketing strategies in an efficient way.

Follow his Twitter account to well understand the digital marketing and content marketing strategies followed by him.

Twitter Handle: @exodusanalytics 

24. Mark Preston

Mark Preston

Mark Preston is the head of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at Pirhana Solutions and a freelance SEO Consultant cum founder of

Mark is an author and columnist at Mark has spent his marvelous 15 years in to SEO and digital marketing and has helped various businesses to achieve leads and improve sales.

Mark Preston is less known by most of the digital marketers, but one must follow him on Twitter to grab his knowledge and experience to improve our digital marketing activities.

Twitter Handle: @MarkPreston1969

25. Jan Barbosa

Jan Barbosa

Jan Barbosa is a man who breathe, eat and dream of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Jan explores a lot about digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, etc. and shares them as well with his followers via Twitter and Instagram. Become a one now.

Twitter Handle: @JBarbosaPR

26. Andra Rotaru

Andra Rotaru

Andra Rotaru — an Online Marketing Strategist & Communicator.

Andra is completely dedicated towards digital marketing and social media marketing. She prepares the strategies in a way that will help businesses to achieve the great success.

Andra is a versatile Digital Marketing Expert. Her specialties include data analysis, trend analysis, competitor analysis, improving social media conversions, crisis management, developing social media strategies, online marketing strategies along with video advertising and growth marketing strategies.

You will find her Twitter Handle full of great insights on digital marketing. Check it out now.

Twitter Handle: @andra_ioanaa

27. Ngoc Truong

Ngoc Truong

Ngoc Truong is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Result Driven SEO Australia.

Ngoc is completely into optimization whether it is for Search Engine or Social Media. She makes sure that all her followers get the right information about digital marketing tips, techniques and trends. She also shares posts related to Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Adwords, etc.

Aren’t you following her yet?

Twitter Handle: @NgocTruong215

28. Jennifer Ramsey

Jennifer Ramsey

Jennifer Ramsey is the branding and positioning specialist.

Jennifer is famous for delivering inputs on branding and converting the sales from it. She not only contributes for digital marketing tips, but also helps in to traditional branding strategies to convert the business goals.

Follow her on Twitter to make sure your leads get converted when branding done online.

Twitter Handle: @Jen_J_Ramsey

29. Reid Greenberg

Reid Greenberg

Reid Greenberg is a SVP for Ecommerce and Digital Marketing at Kantar Retail.

Reid talks about everything that improves sales whether it is Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Ecommerce and Retail. He also has interests in Technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) which takes him more towards Digital world.

Follow him to get all of the digital marketing insights that might be very helpful to improve sales.

Twitter Handle: @reid_greenberg

30. Himani Kankaria

Himani Kankaria

Himani Kankaria is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Specialist.

Himani is madly and deeply in love with SEO, SMO, Content Writing and Content Marketing activities. She has helped various businesses for their digital marketing and content marketing activities.

Himani is highly fond of writing articles and blogs that completely reflects her own experience which includes from SEO, SMO to Technology, Software Testing, etc.

Himani is a rising star into the world of Digital Marketing. So, delay to follow her might miss out an important digital marketing update. Follow her now!

Twitter Handle: @himani_kankaria

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? All the top 30 digital marketing enthusiasts are ready to rock your business with increased number of website visitors, social media followers and business leads.

Follow them now!

Any more suggestions on Digital Marketing Twitter Handles to follow for the year 2017? Let me know in the comment section below. I am all ears!

Happy Digital Marketing!