Top 7 Ways to Become a Digital Marketing Influencer

So, you keep following the articles based, on — “Top 30 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow”, “Top Influencers to Follow”, etc. etc. But, I would like to ask you–

Do you want people to follow you?

Do you want to become one who is heard?

Do you want to become one of those 30 Digital Marketing Influencers to be followed?

Here, I am coming up with the top 7 tips to become a digital marketing influencer for FREE. All these tips will not require to spend anything extra other than your mobile Internet charges (which you pay anyway).

Just Kidding!

1. Be Passionate for Interest of Digital (IoD)

How much do you read on digital marketing? How much involved you are towards your digital marketing world?

The digital marketing industry is one industry which can change an existing trend in an overnight. I have experienced this a lot through my years in digital marketing. Let your passion to become a digital marketing influencer rule over your heart, mind & soul — day and night.

Check out what World’s no. 1 Digital Marketing Influencer, Sam Hurley’s views in an interview with Karin Schroeck-Singh:

2. List out your favorite Influencers

Log in to your social media accounts, especially Twitter & Medium. Most of all the digital marketing influencers choose these social media sites to share their views & experiences.

Prepare the table of contents with the ones which you believe can be your role models. Role model for digital marketing influencers need not to be only one. My favorite ones are 😎 Sam Hurley 😎, Jeff Bullas, Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin, Daniel Knowlton, etc.

How would you choose one?

Use the #digitalmarketing in your social media accounts:

Select one by one and read their tweets, posts. How they write, what they write and then select appropriately to inspire from.

3. Don’t Copy, Learn from Influencers

Don’t repeat the posts that has been already written and shared by your favorite digital marketing influencers. You need to learn from them. Try to invent new techniques in your existing digital marketing projects or implement the tips provided by your influencers. Then start writing about how those tips that has actually worked for you? And, DO NOT repeat to list out the same tips.

How will you start writing?

Neil Patel explains this very well in his advanced guide to content writing like a PRO.

Start off with these and I am sure, you will be highly motivated.

4. Sharing as well as Engaging is Caring

Indulge into a habit of using social media aggressively. Whenever you come across some interesting posts, share across your social media addressing the author, whether he/she is an influencer or not.

Also, sharing is not an end to your responsibility of becoming a digital marketing influencer. Engaging with your followers is the UTMOST priority.

I am still learning how to engage well like the way my rocking guru, 😎 Sam Hurley 😎 Hurley does.

Amazing, right?

5. Try & Try Until You Succeed

Success in content writing does not at all come at once. The scenario remains the same even with the world’s top digital marketing influencers.

You can look at my posts; I am still struggling. :D

No wonder, but our passion should be burning after every post. You should not stop learning, implementing, researching, writing and sharing as well as engaging.

Here is a great tip by Bryan Harris on 33 Explosive Content Writing Tips from 33 Content Masters by Daniel Ndukwu:

Cool tip, isn’t it?

6. Involve Your Influencers

After so much inspiration from your digital marketing influencers, if you are unable to bow down in honor, it is of no use.

How will you pay off to your role model influencers?

Involve them in your write-ups. Share their posts as well as yours naming a few of them. Sometimes, it is good to show gratitude via various GIFs.

How will it benefit you?

The purpose of showing gratitude to your influencers will be solved. But then, their followers will come to know about you, your posts, your write-ups. You will have increased readers as well as followers.

Now, how about that? A Master-stroke!

7. Keep a constant eye on Analytics

You will be amazed to see this point of analytics in the last way. The reason why it is at the last position is, that it requires deep involvement. So, once you are done with all the above things, check out in your analytics report on how did your posts performed.

You need to even focus on referral & social traffic. How your posts performed on social media? How other people are using your posts as reference? This will also help you know in what areas you would need to focus to start writing the next topic.

Here, social media tools like Buffer and even Google Analytics helps a lot.

Final Thoughts

All the above 7 ways when continuously taken care of, can really help you to become one of those highly influencing digital marketing EXPERTS. I am still striving. How about yours? Share your experiences, I am sure, it will help me and others as well.