A FIGHT WITH MY FATHER @ restaurant cum pub

Today everything was going right and smooth.later today We had a guest at our place and planned to go out for a dinner tonight.

I was been given the responsibility to select the restaurant, so I chose 10 Downing Street- restaurant & bar. This place according to me was just fine to spend some chill time along with parents and siblings.

As my parents and guests were following In a different car, they got late.

The moment my father enters the place got on fire and started shouting out loud at me and said that this place is not for us, warned me of visiting that place ever again.

Later I realised that this must be happening to many people around in India.

We as a developing country where we have 70% youth need to accept that bar is not a bad place. We all carry a bad picture.

We all are urged to move and take things like this really light.

I was back home safe lately- need not worry. If something like this happens in your life too my brother- take a chill pill and make your dad understand that he’s living in the 21st century, where we youngsters don’t mind these parts.
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