Who am I-The inevitable change

Born as a normal human being but driven by Not-so-Normal thoughts is what I usually say when asked “Who am I?”.When a toddler, I often was startled by the fact that The world is subjected to Change.Nothing stays constant.Indeed.What stays constant is the change.And yeah,this Change defines the road you travel,the place you choose to live,the folks you talk to and even the way you think of yourself and others. Walking through lonely roads few years back used to be a nightmare as I loved surrounded by many friends;Greater the group size,greater the social connect,as they say.Similarly,the festival of lights meant bursting crackers and appreciating the luminescence across the city.Judging a book by its cover and assuming that things will eventually fall into a place .Never would I have bothered about the moon and the stars, the deep talks made me fall asleep as fast as a Shakespeare novel.

But now,lonely roads are an escape to reality;they give me a moment to introspect.I value friends but they are countable on fingers now as I understood down the line that more friends only bring too much on your plate to handle. Doesn’t mean having more is bad anyway,but I realized in this course of time that only few will stay in your thick and thin.The Sound of crackers became noise pollution and lights seemed an unnecessary waste of money to show off.Rather,the natural source of light starting catching my attention.Every person views and acts differently so I put a curtain to my judging.Now,I don’t think things fall into their place until you make an initiative to do so.When I ask people they say,Dear,you have become more mature,that’s all.Well,I just visualize this as an answer to the “Who am I” question posed by people from all walks of life.However,I am certain I can never answer Who am I..So,folks!if you ever cross my way and ask me “Who are you”,I will be answering to “Who am I right now” as that query has got various versions.For now,I am just going with the flow of change.