…and most startups are not taking it seriously

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Content marketing is seriously underrated in the crypto industry. Perhaps because the whole ecosystem is around technology, and there is still a gap to be filled.

Back in 2018, while I was working with a startup, this is what the founder told me: “We will make a product so good that customers will find it themselves.”

It was motivating to hear. I was excited to listen. But little did I know that marketing doesn’t work this way. (did I say I was the founder).

I failed to run an online “programming” institute I wanted to open for kids.

I over-delivered, offered value, I created a product that was exceptional but still, I failed. I had to shut down the project after the initial success of 3–5 months. …

build an audience, build trust and change the world with pride

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Personal branding is one of the most underrated marketing tools in the blockchain industry.

We know it all started with Bitcoin. But what we don’t realize is, Satoshi came “before” the bitcoin. The mystery behind Satoshi took Bitcoin to a whole other level.

All conspiracy theories gave Bitcoin an unfair advantage. When people talked about Satoshi more often, Bitcoin took a ride to the moon.

You see, you are changing the world. You will need these three things.

While most crypto projects spend thousands on “the product” and “marketing,” most of them are missing out on the third. …

if he is worried to make money online

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You are probably aware of how to make money online:

And if anyone thinks I have oversimplified it, I haven’t...

People still do not make money (even after binge-watching make money online videos) because “creating content” is NOT easy.

In fact, let’s face this:

You want to create great content, and you might be overthinking on this one.

Shall I go for writing a post or recording a podcast? Or I might start by creating a video. …


Himanshu Bisht

Marketing Consultant | Minimalist Entrepreneur | Marketing Head at Razor Network | Helping Entrepreneurs to grow without selling their soul | withhimanshu.com

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