Google Search for keyword ‘How to Move to Canada’ rose drastically across the world

Google search for the keyword ‘How to Move to Canada’ rose drastically across the world especially in countries like USA and Britain. Canada is an obvious choice for immigration all across the world and whenever any shift of paradigm happens in any country, the first option to move that come in the minds of citizen is Canada.

As the people in US and UK searching how to move to Canada the most, the immigration aspirants in these countries are also reconsidering their decision and looking at Canada as the key option. Canada is anyways an ideal country for immigrants in view of its incredible infrastructure, strong economy, high human development index, growing industries, and lenient immigration policies.

How does inclination towards Canada started in the recent past

It all started with the US presidential elections earlier this year when the prospects of Donald Trump being US president looked strong. The people feared due to his firm stand against immigrants, particularly Muslims in the country. His fiery speeches and statements raised ‘How to Move to Canada’ queries drastically in March, 2016. It is going to be the same way in the future as well with Trump winning 7 out of 11 primaries across the USA. Donald Trump was not initially being seen by the people as the next US President, however, as his chances have now boosted in election, people have started exploring alternate options.

This inclination in fact has got its roots in the past too, as there is significant increase observed in the number of American students enrolling in Canadian colleges.

What makes Britons take interest in Canada immigration?

After the US now it’s the Britons, who are searching keyword ‘move to Canada’ in great numbers. This is in consequence of the recent ‘Brexit’ Voting, wherein Britain voted in favor of leaving the European Union. The individuals in UK are in doubt about their future in the county in view the ongoing issues, i.e. financial market crashed, British PM Mr. David Cameron resigned as PM. They are now looking and exploring new immigration options overseas.

After the ‘Brexit’ referendum, hundred percent increases were noticed in the search of the keyword ‘Move to Canada’. Historically, British had been the major source of immigration to Canada. Even last year, Britain was the third country after China and India that sent the maximum number of immigrants in Canada.

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