Planning to move to Canada from UAE? Don’t get trapped by Fraudulent Job & Immigration Offers

There are several fraudulent agencies active which trap the innocent immigrants for making money. Beware of them, acquire more immigration knowledge, and apply under a genuine Immigration Consultancy Service for Canada.

Have you met an agent who has promised you high income job in Canada with fast and instant immigration?

Well, don’t believe in such offers as Canadian Government has a set procedure to allow immigrants in the country and no way can these fraudulent agents help you fly to Canada through any shortcut or secret formula.

How to identify fraudulent job or immigration offers?

Below are a few signals, which are good enough to make you aware or cautioned:

* Such agents or agencies ask you to unveil your confidential information.

* They schedule your interviews via phone or Skype etc.

* They ask you to pay fees/money in advance.

* They can ask you to fill and submit fake application forms, etc

* They set you in hurry and ask to submit money and document immediately.

* They demand money for job offer or processing of your Visa applications instantly.

Remember, IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) has a standard procedure for every visa category or Immigration program and they don’t deviate from that anyway. So obtain the right information and know the process first, so that you can become aware of the fraudulent practices.

Acquire More Immigration Knowledge to avoid fake agents

They say that ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

Hence, to avoid all such fake agents and agencies active across UAE and elsewhere, you must acquire as much as knowledge you can about Immigration to Canada or for that matter, immigration to any other country you desire to move to.

However, the vital question here is how to obtain the knowledge about immigration?

How to gain Immigration Knowledge?

Internet is the best source of information in the modern era. Explore various immigration websites to obtain the crucial information about the Canada immigration process and visa categories. Refer to the website of IRCC ( for the official and inclusive information about Canada Immigration process and visa categories. The website of Visas Avenue Immigration ( is the other most popular immigration websites that explain the immigration process of Canada and various other countries in relatively easy language and manner.

Find here complete process to Immigrate to Canada from UAE

What makes Visas Avenue Immigration the best Immigration website?

Visas Avenue Immigration is a top immigration advisory company and its website explains all aspects and procedural guidelines about Canada immigration in detail, i.e. Federal Express Entry System, QSWP, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Business, and Investment programs, etc.

Moreover, if you seek any assistance, support, and guidance for immigration to Canada from UAE, you can always contact the registered immigration experts at Visas Avenue on contact nos. 011–48447777 (Delhi) or 080–46668222 (Bangalore).

For any further query, feedback, or information, drop a mail to the email id — for prompt response from the immigration experts at Visas Avenue Immigration.