Everyone strives to be a great person, kind, caring and compassionate. But for some people that’s not always the case. There are many bad habits that people have that make them seem unattractive, annoying or someone that no one wants to be around with. But the biggest problem is not having there bad habits, the problem is that the person having such “qualities” don’t know that he/she is plagued with them. A few of them are discussed below and if you are plagued with any of them, you must frequently remove it.

1) Ego

Your ego is your enemy. Period. Ego would never allow you to learn new things, hang out with better people, learn from them, embrace better qualities and becoming a better person. If you have ego just remember one thing that when you die nobody will remember that you were topper, you were wealthy etc. People will remember your qualities and I don’t think ego is the “quality” to be remembered.

2) Lying

The disease of excessive lying is called MYTHOMANIA where a person feels compelled to make things up constantly. It is found in people with low self esteem who seeks attention from others. These people mostly breaks hearts of their loved ones and seldom get much needed support.

3) Introvert

Nobody wants to be with a person who is dull, shabby and self absorbed. Everyone seek happiness outside or inside but they can never find it in a person who is as dull as an introvert.

4) Questioning Importance

You are definitely an unattractive person when you constantly question why others take you for granted. For example, your friends went to a place without you. It doesn’t matter to them but to you it does. Get over it. They are still your friends and their lives won’t stop when you are not around.

5) Reluctancy to help

The person with such quality can never become a leader because a leader’s job is not to work for other’s , it’s to help other’s succeed and achieve things that they never ever dreamt about.

6) Money vs Friendship

Making connections is the most important thing in life because you never know whose help you may need in future. If you are able to maintain good connections everyone will be willing to help you in adversity otherwise nobody cares about your sufferings in this for-profit world.

7) Being Meaningful

The person who has the capacity to put words together in a meaningful way to reflect thoughts, opinions and feelings is respected and honoured everywhere but an uncouth is taken for granted and disrespected everywhere.

8) Extracurriculars

Not having extracurricular skills is a disadvantage as your self confidence will be low among your friends. Extracurriculars provide setting to become involved or interact with other students this leading to enhanced development and learning and increases your followers.

These are some of the negative qualities that people must remove from them to enhance their internal beauty. Hopefully I have helped you to know about some of them. Please notify me if you remove them by responding. ☺

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