The first thought that comes to mind when we hear “mirror” is an object made of glass. However the mirror is not just composed of glass, it has a lot of faces behind it. That is what I am going to talk about.


Positive faces: There is a reason why people tell us to look in the mirror and smile when we get up in the morning. The mirror shows us what we want to see. It reflects us , not just our outer face but our ethics and the feelings inside us. However, our outer appearance overshadow our inner self and suppresses what a mirror is trying to actually show us. It is trying to show our true self. The best way to let out and communicate your emotion is to talk to yourself in front of the mirror. It brings out the good and the bad in us. It can act both ways, as positive self-talk which motivates us or sometimes a negative talk which makes us fall in our eyes.

Negative face: Everyone would have hear the tale of snow white. In the story the mirror bewitches the queen and turned her evil against beauty. There is no difference between the mirrors. It is just that the queen saw her negative side in the mirror which the mirror reflected to her. Thus everytime she looked at the mirror her mind got corrupted and she turned evil.

A person is himself a mirror. He sees the positives in others and tells others about their true self. This itself is like a mirror. When the same person starts seeing the bad sides of other people and starts to judge others, he starts being the negative side of the mirror. He acts like an old dusted mirror which does not have a clear mind.

The world’s best mirror is a guru. A person who observes both the goodness and the evil side of others and turns them into a better human by changing their bad side. Even a parent tries to hide and skip over the bad side of their children. But a teacher always shows the actual truth without hiding anything.

If a person wants to live an ideal life he will have to be his mirror, so that he is able to solve his problems and improve his mistakes. Because when a person becomes his mirror only then is he able to see the whole plain truth and is able to better improve his life and ethics. To become a good mirror one will have to remove jealousy and other negative or selfish thoughts from his mind.

So we should always look at the good side of mirror and never let jealousy and selfish emotions govern out behavior.