The Untold Kargil Story — Every Indian Must Read

“Unexpected peace is the sign of upcoming disaster”

The quote fits well in the Kargil story. 17 Years back and weeks before the kargil war started, there was an unexpected peace in the valley. The people were thinking that it is result of mutual conversation between the two arch-rival nations that was as-usual initiated from the Indian side.

The then Prime Minister — Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was keen to solve the issues over Kashmir and was conducting back to back meeting with Pakistan upper-line political people and decision makers. Everything seemed to be moving on the right track along with Samjhota express, and first time — it was felt by the common people (atleast of India) that this time the Kashmir issues will be settled for sure.

Despite of being the center of all conversation, Mr. Vajpayee had doubt and discomfort over something, which he later described in his famous poetic tone as:

“Samay badal raha tha, log badal rahe the
Sarhad paar mahol badal raha tha,
Mera aur aam jan ka najariya badal raha tha,
par mann ke kone mein shanka bhi tatasth thi
Ki Girgit Rang Badal Raha hai, Mann Nahi”

Later, his doubt transformed to reality, when for the first time — Indian millitary troop was informed about the intrusion in the kargil hills along the LOC. At first, Indian army thought — it is a minor case of trespassing but looking at the positions later, they were assured about the involvement of Pakistani Army.

This is the story we all know but what we don’t know is mentioned below:

The kargil war was at its peak. India had occupied some of the key ranges of the kargil hills and was marching ahead to win the rest. It was the time when 18 grenadiers were assigned to top the point 5333. Captain Tej Veer Singh (name changed) was leading the troop. The troop successfully reached the mid-way just when they saw heavy attack from the Pakistani side. The heavy artillery fire confirmed them the enemies are in huge number up there much more than they have expected and planned for.

The Indian troop took a hold there and informed the base camp about the situation. Officers at base camp suggested them to move back as it would have taken time for the re-enforcement. Capt. Singh told his soldiers about the suggestion received from the senior officials but none of them was ready to go back from the half way. A soldier made a brave remark which probably filled the patriotism in everyone and it was this way — “Beech se bhag jana Pakistanio ka kaam hai, hum hindustani fateh karke hi laut te hai. Kafi dino se meri maa ki chhati lahu se bhar rahe hai, ab inki chhati laal karne ka intjaar nahi karunga”.

So, it was now decided that they would not be moving back and hence, started the planning to capture the point. After a few changes in the plan, the troop was divided into three parts and started moving along three different directions. The front end was lead by the Capt. Singh while other two were led by Rana Pratap (name changed) and Shiva Bahadur (name changed).

It was decided that the front end will create all noise and slogan to reach at the top, while other two will silently move in the respective direction. After reaching at certain point, Rana pratap’s troop will also make the chaos to divide the enemies into two parts and giving them no clue about the third troop, which was moving along the third direction; the more risky one. They started moving as per the plan. Undoubtedly, the troop led by the Capt. Tej veer was at highest risk. They were facing heavy gun and grenade attacks. The first shock came to them when they were marching at top and were around 28 meters away from the top — a soldier was shot dead at the head, alerting the rest about the strong position of the enemy. They hide themselves for a while to discuss something and informed the other two groups to hold on for a while. The dawn was near and they were having very less time to capture the point. Thus, after a quick discussion — a move was made that can froze the blood of everyone witnessing the event in any form. The soldiers tied the rocks beside them to their body to prevent the gun attacks. But, those heavy rocks could have pushed them to back dead to the ground. Later, they were measured 137 Kg. Nobody can even think of moving with the mammoth weight tied all over the body. But Indian soldiers moved like a wild fire, quicker, louder and more fierce than before. The aggressive move by the soldiers, locked the saliva in throat of the enemies. They were terrified with the unthinkable move of the Indian army.

The enemies lost the sense and started firing abruptly knowing nothing about where to fire. While on the other side, the hill was echoed with the chants of “Bharat Mata ki Jay” and “Vande Matram”. Tej Veer Singh was all transformed into a one man army — he was faster than the bullets. The Indian side opened fire fiercely and moved the top in minutes. All the soldiers in the troop were at-least surviving 4 bullet shots, while Capt. Was having 9 bullets in his body and still going on and on. Most of the enemies were killed before reaching at the top and remaining were sent to hell in hand-to-hand combat.

In an hand to hand combat, Capt. Singh was attacked with knife on his throat. He fell down like a sack of potato, but got back to his feet in minute fraction of seconds with a big stone in his hand that he burst over the enemy that attacked him, with a remark — “Aise chaku se hum sabji kaat te hai, meri gardan kaatne ke liye pure pakistan ka loha kam padega. “Till the rest 2 troops could reach the top, the Tri-Color was already up there. Only one soldier survived of the divided troop led by Capt. Tej Veer Singh. The capt. Too kissed the feet of immortality.

The troop, which once was suggested to move back because of large number of enemies up at Point 5333, won the battle with 1/3 of the its soldiers. Such is the greatness, bravery, aggression and power that lies in the Indian army.

The only soldier who survived the battle narrated — “Sahabji (Tej Veer Singh) aise lade ki dusman ki 50 tukdi bhi vo akele maar girate. Aakhri baar unhone humko bola — inko aise maaro ki inki saans bhi tumhare badan ko chhu na paye.”

WE salute the divided troop of Capt. Tej Veer Singh. Take a bow!!!

Bharat Mata ki Jay

Vande Matram

Jai Mata Di