The Best Virus Scanner

Himanshu Chawla
Oct 5, 2019 · 2 min read

The Best Virus Scanner

Webroot is the best virus scanner in today’s life; it ensures you 100% protection against all kind of cyber threat, damage of devices, spyware, malware etc. With the use of these latest technologies like Laptops, PCs, Android phones give us lot of information. This information comes from internet. But when we use internet there is a fear of coming viruses in our gadgets. These devices are not used for homely purpose but also for official purpose. So, to protect our devices from this threat we should use antivirus which scans our device time to time and makes us tension free. For the installation of this antivirus in our devices we should visit to the website of

Advanced Features of this Antivirus:

This antivirus consumes less space in our device, it protect our devices from Malware, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans etc., it keeps your data safe and protect our device from viruses. It scans your files timely and removes the terrible websites. It does not affect the performance of the system. With the downloading of this antivirus does not slow down the speed of your computer. It gives best online security program. Viruses generally come from the old PCs and also when you download some application from internet, so Webroot scans that application before downloading. So, it keeps your device 100% safe and secure from every threat and increase the life of your system.

Download and Install Webroot Safe:

-Open the web browser, visit

-Then webroot installation file will download to your computer automatically, wsainstall.exe file

- Then search for the installation file wsainstall.exe and then double click to begin installation

-Install webroot safe software

- Then enter the key code

- After this, follow all the instructions display on the screen

Activate my Webroot Subscription:

First, click on the webroot icon, then, select open webroot secure anywhere, after this go to the main window, then Click the gear icon which is next to My Account, now enter the new key code, then click on Activate.

How to fix webroot error?

After you install the Webroot antivirus, then keep the antivirus always updated. If product is showing some “invalid” error message while installing the webroot antivirus, then check you are entering the correct webroot key code or not. To fix the webroot error, follow these steps:

-Enter key code correctly

-Simply copy and paste the code. If you are finding some error while typing the code.

-First uninstalled the previous software, then install the new webroot secure software.

- After this click on Submit a support ticket

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