How I doubled my Instagram Followers using 3 Simple Steps?

This is my first Medium article.

Before getting into the article. Let me tell you about me ,My name is Himanshu and I run a blog BlogRags which let’s you learn blogging from ground up.

Instagram is on the rise and many people want to grow a following on it. It is quite useful in lead generation as well as organic traffic.

So I started this quick experiment on 16 March 2017.

At that time I had about 230 followers, most of them were my friends on Facebook. I had like 20 odd posts then. I would rarely post on Instagram, neither I used hashtags or something.

My profile

So I continuously posted a photo each day. All the photos were made from Canva and had my Blog name on it.

I had attatched few examples below -

So what were the results?

I got additional 240 followers.
I got 140 profile visits.
The profile visits let to 30 website clicks.

Cool! Ain’t it.

Note: I did not invest a single rupee into the account.

So what was it because?
Continously Posting Content?

Maybe but not only because of that.

Let’s see How I made this possible.

Before we get into the simple steps, let’s cover few basic setup tips for Instagram when starting out-

  1. If your account target a specific niche then use your keyword as the name rather than putting your own name.
    So let’s say a person posts photos about travel. Make sure to name your Account like “Travel Tips” etc.
  2. To enable statistics on your profile you need to convert your account into a business account. Don’t worry you need not pay anything, just attach the account with a relevant Facebook Page. You also need to add a phone number and an email id which you may or may not show on your profile.
  3. Your Author Bio is everything! So make you sure you spend time in editing it. If you add a link, then make sure you write a call to action text in author bio.
Here’s my profile

Let’s come to the 3 Steps-

Use Hashtags- I can’t more emphasis this enough. Instagram allows you around 30 hashtags. Try to use all of them if possible.
You either use the comments in the description or in the comments. Both works the same.
You can get a lot of followers if you use the right hashtag. Try to avoid the high-competition hash tag.

Usage of Engagement Group- After follow for follow (simplest method to grow followers) this is the most popular method to gain followers. No, you won’t gain followers directly.
Using these groups you can generate engagement. More the engagement, greater is the chances of your post ranking for that particular hashtag.
You can easily find engagement groups on Telegram.


Post Consistently -You have to be posting consistently to grow on Instagram. At least twice or once a day is minimum.
I know its quite difficult to do this everyday though it might sound easy but its quite not.
An easy solution is using Buffer. Buffer recently launched the Instagram Post Scheduling.
You can add 3 social media accounts for free.

Bonus Tip-

Asking for a shout out- I know you can get paid shout outs for 30 or 40 bucks but you can get it for free too, even when you are starting out. Just build relationships, just a simple DM also works.

Don’t ask for a shout out on the first day :P


So what’s next?

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