Showering Love & Pain

My existence is what, mother offered
Milk is what, mother offered
Cloth is what, father offered
Care is what, mother offered .
Food is what, father offered
My taste is what, mother offered
Support to stand on ground
is what father offered.
My voice is what, mother offered
Protection is what, father offered
Alphabets is what, mother offered
Education is what, father offered.
Scene of possibilities is what,
My father offered
Patience & Faith is what,
My mother offered.
Fighting with time is what, 
My father offered
Art of serving is what,
My mother offered.
Combining these all,
Success is what, i gotten
Achievements is what,
Time offered.
Life is what, parent’s offered
Sweet words & a little love
is what they expect.
Incapability for these two expectation
is what today’s generation says.
Love is what, a parent offered
Pain is what, today’s ward offered.

Written By:- Himanshu Karn

I have realised a realistic thing especially maximum in those families that parents lose everything for fulfillment of requirements, love, expectations, will & everything whatsoever a child want. They sacrifice everything for amusement of their wards, struggle a lot for success of their child. When their ward achieve all those dreams what they want, a very few remember & care their parents after their settlements.
This is a huge black dot and “??????”(question mark) for them who neglect their parents & send them to “VRIDHA-ASHRAM.”

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