Time heals, Life Teaches.

Let me start by saying, I have made mistakes and I am sure everyone does.

As a technology guy, I have run commands I was not supposed on production systems.

As business guy, I have taken decisions I was not supposed. I have trusted people I was not supposed to do.

I have left jobs that could have made me richer in few years time ;)

However time healed everything. Right from server failure to undelivered project. I was back to rest. Everything was alright, then why did I worry so much?

With all of it, I have come to realisation that fear is virtual. I still worry about many things but now I know its virtual. The fear is ultimately the fear of death within us.

I recently met someone at a very sr level in the company. He has a phobia of going to his cabin during night time. That fear is virtual. Its the fear of death at the other end.

Fear does not exist. Its a mere sensation which exists temporarily. The ultimate fear is of loosing your body, your body getting hurt, your attachment to the body and to the self is what causes the fear in your mind.

I have fear of many things too like barking dog, things unknown in terms of work or profession (this has gotten much better with experience of doing so many different things).

Point is Time heals, Life teaches. What one learns and unlearn is what shapes your life.

Let there be peace!

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