Hybernate, if you must

Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Afterall we are all on the same boat (we call it life) and more or less, we all are paddling in the same waters. No matter how hard we try, life keeps crawling on its on pace. We so desperately want it to take the next gear, but the moment we try this, it breaks down.

The problem is that we are trying more than what is required and expecting more than what is reasonable, and that’s when the things start becoming messy. A few days back I saw this WhatsApp status on my friends profile which said 'Stop expecting and things will go your way’, and you know what, it makes so much sense. We all know this, right?

I’ve been through some of the roughest phase of my life in last few months. Not because there was anything wrong with me, but because I started believing somewhere in my mind that these days are not exactly what I was looking for. There is definitely something missing, you know when something is not right and we don’t know what it is. I started hating my days, my life, my job, my body, my mind, my thoughts, started hating myself and ofcourse the world around me. I wanted these days to end so badly and see that light again. But poor human being I was with so much brains and no mind whatsoever, for I didn’t know that I was making it more filthy within myself. I hate my job and want a change, but too comfortable with it to look for a new one. I’m done being single for last few months, but too scared (perhaps) and lazy to even think about relationship. It just doesn’t appeal anymore. And then what do I expect from my life, CHANGE? When I’m not ready to even wake up early and get out of my cozy zone.

Oh yes, I am not ready to get out, work hard and think harder to bring this change, for it never actually happens. I would now just sit back, relax and learn how to enjoy whatever the heck is going on right now. I know that I can’t get my life in place by taking all this toll on my head and ruining this very day. I am going to be out of thoughts for a few days, won’t stress too much on sorting my life and would probably do some meditation and yoga. The only thing I need to change is my perspective, everything else is already in the right place.

But it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up, I’m just taking a short power nap and putting my mind on hybernate mode, for it will soon be ready to do some funny things again.

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