It is all very normal

“ It is all very normal “

When only you know how you feel , when you can only share with yourselves . When everyone else is in the flow of anything thats happening but you feel out of place . When the place at which you are at the present moment seems so dull and the environment so killing that , if you sit for just another second the air would become the poison . When your thoughts invade you in your mind and creates an illusion , and we develop fear . As its told always , “ FEAR IS AN ILLUSION ” . When you try your best but nothing seems to work . But what seems not to work , its not only your jobs , your relationships or any other thing . What if its only the mind thats the barrier ?

When fear is not due to the materialistic things around you . Then , “ What is fear? ” , fear can also be in the mind in the form of your thoughts . When you feel its killing you from the inside . When you think of how you used to be and what have you become , not realising that you are still the same person its only the illusions which are creating fear in you and is changing your vision about your own selves . When the efficiency of using the energy that you have in you suddenly goes under a huge decline .

When inspite of being fresh you feel energy drained . When the first thing when you get up everyday is the one which you never want to think about . When your whole day goes in thinking or explaining your selves just one thought that you got when you woke up fresh . When you feel your brain is all jammed and its no more ready to do any of your productive work . When you know whats necessary but you can’t focus on your work and just want to lie down and go to sleep every single time you try to focus . When you just get one negative but it magnifies by times infinite and your head feels so heavy . When you don’t know where did it go wrong . When you get chained up by the metal reigns within your mind and try hard to get out of the prison . When you know you cannot hurt the ones you’ve always loved but fear develops featuring you as the evil one , hurting your loved ones .

Sometimes , our mind tends to use our own greatness against us , so be careful and get tangled in brain traps , just hang in there and keep calm , know your own greatness , keep moving forward .

It appears to me that we all are soldiers and all these are the obstacles . So the scenario is like life is like a never ending high cliff which we all climb and no matter how many times you fall , no matter how many levels down . When you ever feel like ”GIVING UP” just keep the strength of getting back up and give it your best shot , shooting the winning goal every time you feel like giving up .


“ It is all very normal “

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