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Couresty: Baubax’s Kickstarter Campaign

Have you ever been out traveling and asked yourself: What if my jacket were more like a suitcase? Or how could I make airport security more nervous? Or what could make me look more of a geek than wearing a Google Glass?

If yes, then Baubax has the perfect jacket for you. A recent Kickstarter project by Baubax has raised over $9.1 million dollars of a stated goal of $20,000. You know this is serious when “shut up and take my money” is not just a meme that describes the situation.

It’s a jacket that doubles up as a carry bag, that doubles up as a neck pillow, with a zip that doubles up as a stylus/ pen. Now we’re only speculating at this point, but we’ve heard through the grapevine that the next version is going to include a time travel device that you can use to travel back to 2006 when a stylus would have been useful.

But it’s been getting a lot of attention in the news. As the Kickstarter page informs us, the jacket has been covered by serious news organizations like Conde Nast, CNN money, The Huffington Post, and

And a lot of people are immensely interested in that product as evident from the fact that they have 44,950 backers on Kickstarter. And why wouldn’t they have? I would love one of those babies. They look snug and comfy and I’ve wanted a blazer with a detachable hoodie since I decided that Forever 21 wasn’t radical enough for my taste. But unfortunately, I’m broke. As I’m sure you would be too, if you wrote columns like these and spent all your money on alcohol.

So hurry on up, and back their campaign. And get yourself a jacket where you can say “But wait, there’s more..” more times than in a Christopher Nolan movie. And really lousy sex.

It’s a fashion trend that could transform the world. And you need to get behind it. Or you know, inside it.

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