Trinity the truth

My mind is always revolving around the fact that from childhood we are taught to be good and have negative feelings for people who does bad ultematly keeping those emotion of a haterte makes us also bad. We don’t realize that we are being bad to a bad . If we realize from the environment around us we will see good and bad as two opposite energies which defines the relevance of each other, there is always a comparison of good with bad ,best with worse . Then think it is bad which is making good define it as good, worse define it better. So we need both the forces to manifest something with the pretense of a third unknown force.

we find a very beautiful reference of this in hindu mithology where all the god goes to lord vishnu who is lord of preservation and ask him that they want to get the drink of immortal so lord Vishnu suggests that it is only possible if you can get the spport of demons as all together have to churn the Ksheer sagar “the ocean of the milk”. In hinduism it is considred that there are three kinds of energy :negative,positive and neutral (rajas,tamas and satva). so this story depicts very nicely how the presence of these three nature is important to manifest anything in this universe. to churn the ocean of milk (Ksheer sagar)both the party ,god as well as demons joined hand thinking they will be immortal after all this effort, it’s same as opposition join hand with party in rule to pass a bill which is in favour of both or for mutual benifit . Now to churne the ocean u need some big machine to create ripples in ocen so as the story dipicts, mout Sumairoo was use as a stick and the king of snake naga Vasuki which has quite a good length was coiled around the mount and toward the head side of snake demons were standing and on the tail side gods but the problem came that ocean is so deep what will act as base for mountain to stand upright and not to sink so lord Vishnu who is above all he is lord of lord appeared in form of turtle and on his back deep in ocean the mount was stationed.we can see a beautiful sculpture of this narration on Thailand international airport.

so point is that these mythological stories are very symbolic in nature . Here this story first of all symbolically depicting that presence of 3 elements i.e. positive,negative and neuter is necessary to manifest any thing like in story they are going to churn ocean to get drink of immortal. So demon are symbolic form of negative and gods r form of positive and lord of all “lord Vishnu acted as neuteral element by balancing the mount and acting as basethesatva gun. This story also symbolically dipicts the nature of all three element so demons being strong and furious decided to hold the snake from the side of his mouth think they are bold on the other hand god being full of wisdom more mindful than physically strong cleverly choose to hold the snake from tale side as while pulling snake from head side they will be poisoned from the poison emitted from snakes mouth. It clearly shows that one has more of mind power and other have more of physical power like wise in this world also to support a creative idea u need a equally strong there is a need of mind aswellas body mind imagine body act and we always have strong hold on one element but when we improve hold on other elements then we become genius with mind thinking same as it’s acting.

The neutral element the satava gun we considered pure is a state when there is an equlibrium between mind and body ,thoughts and action which sacrificed him self and acted as a base went deep in the ocean so that both the parties can churn the ocean has a sacrificial nature he is not partial to any one ,both the parties are equal for him we can always see the two forces negative and positive like in the story god and demon the are the one we differentiate as the are visible and the third element which is deep in ocean in form of turtel we can only feel this presence, he is like the foundation bricks who make the building strong but everyone admire’s the beauty of building no body knows about the foundation bricks who made the building stand still for ages. So even we consider this neuter element as god and can only feel his presence and he is equally worshiped by every being whom we consider either good or bad.

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