Just Another BLM Fiasco

It’s obvious that the officer did not want to shoot this man. In the aftermath he is deeply distressed because of it. He shot him because he was unable to control his fear to a point of competence and professionalism. He was told politely about the gun and only said not to reach for it. Both Castile and his girlfriend said he wasn’t and he was only following the earlier command to produce ID and registration. But the officer saw red and stopped thinking straight. Seven point blank shots later Castile was on his way out.

This is the part that is telling though. Second amendment people….he was your brother! CCW advocates he was your brother! But I don’t hear a peep from you. Other than the part where you didn’t think about that and rubber stamped your usual law enforcement support over another police on black guy brouhaha.

IF some white couple had been driving along on your local Hwy and this happened? If a man with a valid CCW license was directed to grab his ID and informed the officer of the gun as you are taught to? When the officers only direction is to not grab the gun (while this man is not grabbing his gun.) Then in seconds seven shots to the chest with a four year old girl behind him in the line of fire? And after that his wife ends up cuffed in a patrol car with the scared little girl?

You would be outraged!!! You would be showing up at city council meetings to address changing something so you felt safer carrying. You would be supporting that wife and sharing her gofundme to do anything you could.

But to some it’s just another BLM fiasco. That might make some feel like they don’t matter to you. I know I would feel that way.