Photo credit: Paul Gilmore

Your urge

Why I called my company “urge”

Despite the fact that an energy drink with that name had been out in the Danish market, I’m based in Denmark, and despite family members not liking the name — I named the company “urge”.

The dictionary defines urge as:

a pressing want, one that is almost compulsion

I believe anyone has the urge in their professional life to put something meaningful into the world. The urge to provide true value to people, of having impact, is universal (if we go a bit up in Maslow’s pyramid). Founders, CEO and the leading team, owners, employees, the sales team, the staff in the retail space, all share that urge.

The reality though is that business is broken. There is a huge gap between products business provide and people’s needs. It is caused by old systems that come from the industrial age. It is caused by a lack of respect and kindness to people (consumers and employees). No wonder we live in a time of disruption and protest.

urge’s mission is to help business (made up of people) bring their urge to life. To gain product-market-fit, to connect with people (consumers).

The way I work: Helping teams in business see their business from people’s (consumer) perspective resulting in reimagining and redesigning their business. (More on that in my book.) At the end you have happy people (consumers) and that makes your business grow.