CCGL Critical Thinking Question 1

  • Why don’t Facebook implement Partnership Program?

YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform has been promoting “Partnership Program”, which is to reward the generators of qualified videos for a while. It seems to play a big role in the recent success of YouTube, whose growth in active users is 12 times more than Facebook, which is one of the most successful social media. This short article is going to discuss why don’t Facebook take the same strategy as YouTube?

In my opinion, the main reason of this is that YouTube and Facebook are not the same or even similar platform. People use them in different ways. On YouTube, people make videos and share them with audience. The audience, meanwhile, subscribe the channel they are really interested in. That is, people won’t subscribe the channel that they don’t like. Once they subscribe the channel, they will get updated and receive notification if there’s a new episode of their subscribed channels.

However, people generate numerous posts on Facebook every single day. People will be seeing lots of information every second when they are surfing Facebook, and they usually don’t think too much when they click “like” button. The “like” button is more like a sign of being noticed instead of being liked. Therefore, it is not always correct to say that the most “like” post is the best. Additionally, it is easy to miss one or two important post even if it is generated from their liked page. That is because Facebook got too much information and it is impossible to read every single one. In one word, it is hard to tell whether the post is attractive or not by the number of “like”.

To sum up, Partnership Program may not work well with Facebook because “like” button is too simple and the information on Facebook is too much. It seems that Facebook has to figure out different means to keep their active users and obtain more potential users.

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