CCGL 9011 Critical Thinking Question 2

  • Why YouTube promotes Partnership Program while other media promote user generated content?

In the tutorial, we were introduced a grid that can simply classify the contemporary global media into four groups. Generally speaking, most of the valuable media are promoting program that is related to voluntary information generating. Instead, YouTube, known for its “Partnership Program” is going the opposite way which is paying contributors as an incentive of them. Following paragraph is my opinion about why YouTube is rewarding popular YouTubers.

Originally, YouTube is a platform for sharing videos. But nowadays, it is rewarding its contributors with part of their commercial income. More people use YouTube, more commercial profit it earns. Therefore, it is a perfectly positive cycle for enriching the quality and the quantity of videos as well as earning commercial profit.

On the contrary, those who are trying to promote user generating information program are originally hiring staff to generate information, and they are trying to implement user-contributed program. For example, CNN launched the “iReport” several years ago. In my opinion, it can be explained by the term of “the right of access to the media.” People have the right to express their opinions via media, which also makes the media more neutral at the same time. In addition, people don’t need to worry about manipulation of funders behind the stories.

To conclude, it depends on the aims of the media. YouTube is different from journalism which is mainly about reporting neutrally. Therefore, YouTube implements Partnership Program contrary to others’ user generated content.

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