Building a 7-Figure Design Agency: The Resources I Used.
Jonathan Courtney

Hi Jonathan Courtney, Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome list of resources, Super helpful.

We’re an early stage company where we design and develop products for various clients. It started a year back as a single project from a client. Since then we have structured it into a remote company with 3 people working on 4–5 products.

I’m planning to leave my full-time product design job and looking forward to focusing more on this “agency” we’re working on. However, acquiring work and more clients is very hard and even after a year of work the growth is not as much as I expected.

How do we grow about acquiring more business (enough to do it full time at least)?

Also, is building a remote company is a right direction? or do we need to set up an HQ and move people to a single location?