How to make friends and influence people

By reading the book of Dale Carnegie “How to make friends and influence people” I was really surprised to know that our little action of love can make someone smile or love us back. By respecting people and giving them love and affection we can easily win their hearts. Its very easy to make friends just by a simple thing and that is showing kindness and respect towards them.

This chapter changed my mind, before reading this chapter i was thinking that real life is to have good job , good house , good cars etc . we have to work hard to gain this and we feel much stressed and we not even bother others which is quite bad thing. We must know about our neighbors life style ,our colleagues lifestyle and try to spread happiness. If they are facing problems then try to help them in sorting out problem taking their problems as our problems. We want to solve their problems or giving them pieces of suggestion, don’t ignore them. If we take serious to them then they will come close with us.

I have learned lot of things while doing this activity it helps us to realize what real happiness is and how to make friends. what people think about you. what impact you have on society. This activity actually helps us to find our strengths as well.

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