Drop your CV in person

Everyone knows after getting a professional degree, we are excited enough to start working in our dream company, where we want to work from the day 1.

Similarly, when a fresh graduate complete his/her degree. What he/she do first and why?

That question came to my mind when I was studying my Engineering from a prestigious Institute of Engineering. I aimed to start working when I will be graduated and I was really excited for that day. Finally, that day came, when I was graduated from my university. I was very excited and prepared my resume and CV first and then I hand over CV to that person who knows me very well, so they can refer me for that job.

What happened after that, I was waiting for for the job interview call. I was surprised I didn’t get a single response from any company. 
I was very disappointed at that time, and someone suggested me to join a fellowship program that is dedicated to training fresh graduates and it is focusing on career prep for students who are seeking their jobs and failed in it.
I joined Amal Academy and then they guided me in a good way by providing resources to make a good CV, resume and cover letter to apply for a job, these are the equipment you must have that.

I applied for a job, my first job where I drop my resume and cover letter which was actually written from the core of my heart to make the recruiter attentive. So, I drop my resume and cover letter in person and took their contact number for the further correspondence. 
I was lucky enough I got a response after 3 days via phone call for the interview. I became very excited and then they asked me to come to their office for the interview so that founder of this company can meet me in person. 
In the same week, my interview date was finalized, I had a great interview and they asked me to join their company. They need fresh and energetic people who really want to work with their full energy. 
This all happened in a week.

Whoa, I am very excited to work with them and learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

That was my 1st and best experience happened when I drop my CV and cover letter in person, they took it serious and then selected me to join them.