Goals of my life…

I want to make a ‘Maker Space’ for females which will be consists of all resources available to make cool stuff to out of it. I just want to be maker’s leaders so that promote maker culture well in Pakistan and other under developed countries.

Unfortunately, Women still lack in the field of technology.

I want to fill the gap between tech and non-tech women by introducing them with other female makers participating in Maker Events.

I have been selected for the fellowship program in Silicon Valley US.

Being a female techie entrepreneur, I have attended many big events ‘Maker Faire 2017’. Then, I realized maker culture is not all about electronics and engineering stuff. It has diversity like anyone can participate in Makers’ community while making their own stuff using available resources. It covers; food, cooking, arts and crafts, knitting, sewing, robotics, plants, clay stuff. So, after attending that event I changed my mind. I came to Pakistan back and then started to work on both field’s tech and non-tech. I want to merge Clothing with electronics. Back to my first line, space where females can come and join our makers’ community and then they can learn about electronics from very basic level to expert level. With just a spark, women can do anything taking as a challenge, want to enable them to participate in Maker’s community.

What are the tasks that should I follow to achieve that goal? Here are mention what I know, I must follow them.

1. Create awareness about women Makers

2. Conduct workshops to teach them about makers and electronics stuff with clothing.

3. Develop a platform where women can collaborate and share their ideas and experiences.

4. Create a collaborator platform where everyone will learn about anything related to E-clothing.

5. Physical space for women makers

Now talking about the 1st task; I need to create awareness through social media and in my circle firstly. I can make it bigger by talking to different people to share their suggestions and participate in makers’ community and encourage other people for this movement.

#juststart: I have already started it in a week ago. I am meeting with my different people on events, sessions and with my friends as well. They really enjoyed and liked that idea and work which I am focusing on.

2nd task: I need to create an event from my social media page to call females to participate in this event and be a part of makers’ community which is very common in the US and other developed countries. I need some resources to conduct that workshop and a trainer a swell who knows about stitching, wooing, knitting and fabrics. Meanwhile, I will teach women electronics from basic.

3rd task: I need to develop an online platform where makers can collaborate and help other in this domain.

4th task: the Successive step of task 3.

5th task: Ultimate goal is making a maker space for female makers. For this, I need to generate revenue enough from workshops so that I could purchase all the stuff for E-Clothing machinery.