Feminism Is For All Women

Except for some women

Frida the Riveter. Mexican art, poncho satire & feminism. Frida & Diego.

Before applying to become a card carrying feminist, please make sure you don’t violate any of our community standards, including:

  • Being a woman who votes Republican
  • Holding any socially conservative views whatsoever (alternatively, bonus points are given out for displaying an LGBTQ flag on your bumper)
  • Supporting the pro-life movement
  • Going on a diet or wanting to lose weight
  • Not wanting to have it all (marriage, career, kids, pets, houseplants and a side hustle)
  • Thinking women should take responsibility for how much alcohol they consume on a night out
  • Agreeing with or espousing values made popular by radical second-wave feminist Andrea Dworkin
  • Not blaming everything wrong with the world on the patriarchy, or asking for clarification on what exactly that means
  • Believing current fourth-wave feminism is just propping up the same capitalistic values it claims to want to dismantle
  • Thinking more female CEOs won’t lead to less armed conflict around the world
  • Disowning the feminist label because the cult-like status of today’s movement makes you uncomfortable
  • Liking men

If none of these apply to you, and you are a white, heterosexual, upper-middle class female from a developed country, your application to be indoctrinated into feminism is straightforward.

For all other women, please use the “Intersectional Feminist” form.