11 Steps I Took to Overcome My Anxiety
The Anxious Arab

Number 4 is so important! I also recently left Facebook for similar reasons. Social media and staying connected with friends is supposed to be fun. But Facebook, at least for me, also turned into this monster that I ended up fearing. Not having control of what I saw in my NewsFeed, my emotions would go up and down as I scrolled through the endless updates on the American Presidential campaign, the Canadian elections, the death toll of refugees in Europe, the plane crash in Russia, etc. It all became too much and wasn’t worth it anymore to subject myself to those things on a daily basis just so I could see what some people were having for dinner in another part of the world.

I think other platforms are much better for me and how I want to stay connected to people I know. I also love to share with people I care about, but Facebook is not how I want to do it anymore.