The Kukie bot teaches you how to build a startup

Kukie was built on Chatfuel, a platform for drag & drop bot making for Facebook & Telegram. It is developed by Rishabh & Aditya Ahluwalia who is CEO & Co- founder of DIKY , which is a location based people discovery app. It was launched in June 2016 & is located in Gurgaon, Delhi.

‘Kukie’ is a smart bot that recommends startup resources that you can use to build your business. It acts as your friend in that it responds to your queries by suggesting you over 300 resources & articles across 40 categories. The conversation you have with the bot is well structured because it has been trained for 3000 phrases to ensure there is an engaging experience between the bot & the user. The bot keeps the conversations fresh & relevant and hence there’s no need to explain yourself every time you saying something. For example if you asked, “I want to get users on my app”. The bot shows you the required block with subcategories asking you what you want to check out. For starters, Kukie also guides by navigating in your bot. The more you use the bot the more it becomes intelligent & makes it a better business development friend to you.

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