#CaravanOfCourage #HereToStay

I’m 26-years old. I’m Muslim. I’m Pakistani. I’m a Registered Nurse. I also happen to be undocumented, and a DACA-recipient. But I am so much more than these descriptors.

Donald Trump’s campaign was an attack on everything I am, everything I believe in, and everyone I serve. He won anyway. As the president-elect he has stated that he wants to be a President for ALL people, those who voted for him and those who didn’t. The media began normalizing his presidency, and his critics evolved overnight and started recommending the “wait and see” policy.
“Let’s give him a chance,” they said. “He won’t really be able to do everything he promised.”
With each passing day, and each cabinet member he chooses, it becomes clearer that President-Elect Donald Trump IS exactly who he said he was. His campaign and his presidency, are NOT normal, and certainly don’t represent all the people. Every day, his team is strategizing and planning for his first day of office. The spike in hate crimes we’ve seen are a clear indication of the war on our bodies. Our communities cannot afford to simply “wait and see” what kind of war they are planning on our existence.
 Join me on the #CaravanOfCourage to show that when our communities are under attack, we stand up and fight back. Join myself and other undocumented activists on our journey from Trump Towers in NYC to the White House in Washington, D.C. We will be sharing our demands through live videos on the road and have a few planned stops along the way. Meet us, tweet at us, share our posts, donate, support however you can. Let’s send a message, together.

I am more than those descriptors that they use for me. Hershey pies and fries are my favorite guilty pleasure. Potatoes and cheese are a match made in heaven. I love the color pink. I enjoy hearing ocean waves crash onto the beach. 
I am more than those descriptors that they use for me. I love driving in silence. I actually like going to school. I love leather jacket weather and I’m totally obsessed with actress Priyanka Chopra.
 I am more than those descriptors that they use for me. I have a baby sister who is the love of my life. I have a passion for serving people. I am an optimist who thinks that everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I love when people around me are happy. I am so much more.
 We as immigrants and children of immigrants are so much more than our legal status and definitely more than the descriptors they use for us. We have families, hopes, dreams, and a right to exist in peace. We will not let fear push us back into the shadows. We will not be dehumanized. We will not stop raising our voices to protest injustice. We belong here, and we’re #HereToStay.
 La lucha sigue. El sueño vive.