tell a love story with a happy ending

a romance that brings joy and fulfillment

that the wait is finally over

in ordinary life, you can find a fairy tale

and fairy tales can be real

I might want to tell you you can create your own happiness!



I wish easy was not just a word in the dictionary

words were true and sincere to feel and love was not just another emotion without feelings

social media was less confusing and news is more humble

fairy tales were real, carriages and castles were more than just rocks and woods

Women were not treated as an object and men were not expected to show fewer emotions

I wish I was a girl in the book and an ending was always planned as desired!



What was lost in the hand of hope and trust was found in face of unknown fear

I found hope in the darkest night

I lost some pieces of myself and found them in a new land

the identity that I lost in a place called home

found within me in the comfort of my own company!



Because happily ever after norms are changing!

If it happened again

If it brings pain, tears, or fears

I promised myself not to blame my past for anything moving forward because

The future will be full of possibilities

The change of happily ever after

the wonderful new beginnings

And in the end, I told myself, change doesn’t happen by chance!

It starts with choices and commitment to myself!



How many times do we take care of our health until it’s gone?

do we plan to change the daily practices until they become a habit?

do we realize people’s worth until they are gone?

do we think before it’s said?

do we make an effort to try and change the life for better?

do we blame for what was never meant to be…

We repeat the same mistake many times until we learn the lesson.

change how many into how can we and see the difference we can make in this beautiful world!

How many times do we remind ourselves that everything is possible, instead of focusing on what is possible today?






Life observer. Believer. Opinionated human. Mother. Stuck between conventional and unconventional routes of life.