…A noun that itself very deep ,A detailed aspect. The quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way. The word that give you a push to do something well. As Everyone has various strengths ,the qualities that make one prominent in the eye of fellows ,classmates,friends ,teachers ,siblings ,Parents etc .

The strength Of a person lies in knowing himself.

But the question Do everyone aware of his/her strengths? Literary I was not. I was not aware of the pool of talent that I have in sight me .Neither I was aware of that nor I tried to be aware of that but I like to say thanks that Amal staff that has designed such activities and diversified professional curriculum .So , that we can ponder upon our strengths and try to find out What I am ? What I have in me? What Can I do? How Can I do? Etc. Being as a human being I am not able to answer all such question about me I can’t describe myself completely. So I started to know my strengths from other’s view point.

Having a deep thought I started to connect my dots, past dots to present dots. I approached to my old school fellows and asked them about their health, their social and academic status they became surprise and pleased when I made a text to them then I share about my activity regarding to Amal fellowship and asked them to share some past dots where I was my at my best? And mention some qualities and tell me how I can leverage them. I also contacted to my classmates, friends, teachers, siblings, Parents etc to receive multiple reviews about myself.

After receiving valuable responses I extracted themes from the stories the qualities that others found common in my self were that I am Hardworking, cooperative, generous, available, problem solver , critical minded , sympathetic , good listener, good spokesperson, trustworthy, honest, focused, determined, confident, respectful, sabar-e-jamil, Positive, Broad minded, Competitive , Agreeable, Productive they mentioned these qualities because in school time I took an action to help the earthquake victims since 2005, by collecting money in my personal saving bank, I used to solve the problems of others related to assignments, personal conflicts etc, i accept critique on my self positively.

The qualities that made me surprise that my sister said that I am very consistent that I don’t think that I was, she told me that you go to university ,give tuition , have joined Amal fellowship and managing the diverse tasks, assignments regarding these three sources with patience, that’s why I think that you are very consistent. One of my school fellow respond me that you were very logical at that time that you can convince opponent person by giving logic's. There were some other responses that made me surprise that you are very efficient and know the art of taking favors from others, Silent killer although you are not a quarreling girl but once you became angry you keep quiet and just keep quiet and do what you want to do moreover the qualities that I have and was not mentioned by anyone is that I Can convey my message to others in a good way.

I was very happy to know all these qualities about myself I was very good at some but was not aware of that. So, I would like to thank Amal forum to providing me an opportunity to take a start and to have a deep insight of me by connecting dots to build my own network applying the principal Eck or Eck giara.

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