Before sharing anything about my experience about informational interview I simply want to define informational interview that it is a one to one way of getting focused,relevant and resourceful data at any topic from the relevant person, who fits better t the situation.

When we think about job a lot of questions came to our mind. How do we get job? What kind of job will suit to our personality well? What the recruitment criteria for that? What salary packages are offered for concern posts etc although in this technological era it is not so difficult to search for a job and recruitment procedure for that but it is of great importance that if this information provided by valid source.

A Valid source can be a person from our network that we have in the form of friends, classmate fellows, colleagues, professors, sources from your parent’s network. I assumed that my network is very strong as I have a good relations with my teachers, peers, etc as I want to be a lecturer so I decided to an informational interview one of the lecturer of 18th scale and I was an in person interview .

First of all I searched for some person who is willing to listen me carefully and address to my questions openhearted with resourceful responses then I decided to Conduct an informational interview with Miss. Saima Bibi who is 18th Grade lecturer In University of Education I Exchange a greeting with her, then introduce myself ask about her health. Then I told about the activity and asked her when she has free slot in time table I want to take some pieces of information from her about the profession and the post that I want to go for right after the completion of my masters degree in May,2016 . She deliberately welcomed me with a smile then I met her in the allotted time and share my curies asked the questions that I have prepared earlier.

For this process I enlisted the relevant specific question regarding to scope of my degree, selection criteria, question that are usually asked during the time of written examination, that are usually asked at the time of interview, what skills should a lecturer must possess? Current grade of a lecturer in public colleges as well as in public universities. What is the culture of UE? Why you preferred this organization? What type of personalities fits best into lectureship? What were the difficulties that you have faced to get this job? How can I make my foot into this field? What other job can I get with the same background?

She cleared my every confusion and provided me information about my field and how can i step into it. This interview had thrown the light of hidden aspects of my filed of which I was unaware. It was an opportunity to know the worth of network that I have had.

Lastly I gave her a thank you for giving me recent and valid information and setting a path for my minimum professional destination.

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