Top Three Safe Localities to Live in Delhi

Delhi — Capital city and pull of panache. This city is one that is filled with high-end structures that rub shoulders with heritage quarters and national monuments. Property experts like Sulekha Properties speak about the various types of requirements fulfilled by the property market in New Delhi. There are localities that house business class gentry, as well as bureaucrats and other professionals, while others are based on the basis of lifestyle, safety and other parameters. Let us cast a glance over the top three areas where it is safe to live in Delhi, and where one can get rental apartments with 24/7 security services in Delhi.

- Shanti Niketan: This is an area close to the South Campus colleges of Delhi University. Not only is this centrally located and a stone’s throw away from the heart of Delhi, but this neighbourhood also houses plenty of rental avenues for young students and other professionals. Also, this neighbourhood has a sizable business class community and other Government employees. These kind of tenants usually place special emphasis on the safety aspect and thus, this area is a safe one where one can find rental apartments with 24/7 security services in Delhi.

- Sunder Nagar: This is an upmarket and posh area of Delhi that also has a lot of shopping avenues and well-designed apartments and buildings. This neighbourhood has many homes that have been built decades ago. The strength of this area lies in the fact that the high-class bearings of the residents give it a safe environment. The area usually attracts many elite people who look for apartments to buy or rent as well. It is known for its luxurious living and high-end stores, which makes it a major draw.

- New Gurgaon and Dwarka Expressway: This area is a promising real estate chunk that has attracted buyers over the past decade. Also, many people have invested in apartments that can be put on rent. Most tenants like to live in this area mainly due to the affordability as well as the security aspect, which is a good combination for living in Delhi. This area is also very close to the international airport, which makes is a good location. Further, it is close to most of the best schools of Delhi as well as the best shopping malls, which makes it a convenient place to live in.