The Feyli Shia Muslim ( Lurs ) Holocaust

Sitting here reading about Shia Muslim Feyli Lurs in Iraq, and the genocide and mass deportations of the 1970s and 1980s made by Saddam Hussein and his parties in the 70s and the 80s. I came across some links and different names of secret police and services I remember hearing while going through all these different sources of information. I think it is soon the annual date for the martyr this week, ( I am not sure ). So here comes some information I have collected from different sites. Masha’Allah and Alhamdulilah for it being out there. There is much more for the ones whom want to know more and the links will most certainly take you there if you wish to find. You will come a cross some really disturbing reading in some of the links about the holocaust and of torture of the Shia Muslim Feylis from Middle East Iraq and Iran.

Feyli Lurs/Kurds have suffered many an injustice and ill-treatment. Arbitrary and illegal deportations on a large scale took place in 1969 and 1971–1973 and again, and by far the most far-reaching, concerted and brutal, at the beginning of the nineteen eighties. Thousands upon thousands were rounded up from their homes, schools, work places and army units, taken to the security offices in Baghdad and the other cities of Iraq, stripped and robbed by the state (“state robbery”) of all official documents (birth certificates, certificates of citizenship, passports, military books, school and university degrees, property deeds, marriage contracts and last but not least money), body searched and interrogated in the typical Baathist manner. They were, with few exceptions, not allowed to take with them neither food nor water, insulted in different ways and then put into mostly military trucks or buses, driven to the eastern border areas and told to march ahead and never look back otherwise they would be shot.

Because of the dominant and strong economic, especially commercial, position of Feyli Lurs, as mentioned above, the latest deportation wave began deceitfully by calling the Feyli economic elite to a meeting at the chamber of commerce in Baghdad supposedly to grant them new and bigger import licenses. They were rounded up there and then, stripped of all documents, taken to the security headquarters for body searching and interrogation, and then taken to the borders in trucks without informing their families or relations. Literally everything they owned was confiscated; they were allowed to only keep the clothes they were wearing then. Subsequently, many of them suffered depression or died of heart attack or stroke after seeing their lives’ hard won achievements being so arbitrarily taken from them and their families by the state of Iraq and being reduced from a life of prosperity and high social ranking to a life of destitute and obscurity.

The latest wave of deportation lasted for many months during which thousands of young Feyli Lurs, both women and men, were detained and kept as hostages. Their number varies from 5.000 to 10.000 and up to 30.000. Only after the defeat of the Baath regime and the availability of the security forces’ records did the horrible truth about them emerge. None of them has been spared; all had been executed or, according to some unconfirmed but probable accounts, were forced to walk in mine fields to clear the way for Bathi Iraqi army units during the war against Iran or were used in the Bathi regime’s experimentation’s with chemical and biological weapons development. If this is confirmed, it means that chemical weapons were tested on young Feyli Lurs detainees before being dropped on Halabja in 1988.


More than 5,000 Shia Muslim Feyli /Lurs volunteer to fight in Iraq

‘Hundreds of Feylis to join Shiite militias against ISIS’

‪#‎Iraq‬, 25–02–2015: ‘Four hundred members of the Feyli Lurs/Kurdish community in Iran will move to Iraq to join Shiite militia groups fighting against Islamic State militants, said the spokesman of the Supreme National Front for Feyli Lurs/Kurds on Tuesday.

“400 Feyli Lurs who were expelled from Iraq by former Iraqi tyranic dictator Saddam Hussein,( may he rotten in the lowest levels of hell in eternity) will join al-Hashid al-Shaabi in the coming days to fight [ISIS],”

The Feyli are Shiite Lurs from eastern Iraq and southwestern Iran who were forcibly moved into Iran by Saddam Hussein’s regime in the 1980s, and that Masoud Barzani with his party and people of the Iraqi Kurdish region did not help or took in under their so called patriotic Kurdish wings. They as Saddam Hussein are against Shia Islam and Shia Muslims in todays of the Iraqi Kurdish region. Shia Muslim Mosques, Hussaynias, lamenting and mourning gatherings and houses are forbidden for Shia Muslim Feylis and other Kurds with Shia Islam as religion. Shia Muslims have no place to practise their religion and faith in this areas unfortunately as well as being threatened to death and destructions when any suggestions are made to build ones. The sectarianism and racism in the Iraqi “Kurdish” region is beyond horrific and will lead to an upcoming genocide of the remaining Shia Muslims in those areas in the coming years specially with the support of both Israel and Saudi Arabia, two states that are forced and built by Britain upon the Middle Eastern, Asian region that keeps obliterate Shia Muslims and their ethnic regions unstoppable with all the money and weapons from America and Britain as well as the private Christians donators.

According to Shahi, there are already more than 5,000 Feyli volunteer fighters inside Iraq.’


We have an ancient history dating back to when mankind first domesticated wolves, and the story begins 9,000 years before Christ’s birth.

Many empires have come and gone over the past millennias and they all had one common denominator, and that is, that each and every one of these kingdoms sprung from the areas known today as Luristan, Ilam, Khuzistan, Kermashan and Hamadan.

One could take Elam as an example, a kingdom which has been incredibly long lived, which retained its identity from 3000 BC right up until when the Arab armies put it under their control, at the end of the 600’s. Thus a lifespan of almost 3600 years, which is quite unique in world history.


Kassite, Lullu and others have also had their origin from the above mentioned areas, and anything that might be of interest to the reader is that the Kassites ruled Babylon for a time scale of 400 years (a sustained period of time, and the longest dynasty line in the “Babylonian” dynasties) and that one of the four gates of Babylon carried their name in the form of Kissis. From 1100 century until 1596 Luristan (Luristan and Ilam of today, and other areas at times of expansion) was ruled by the Atabag dynasty. After an abrupt end of this dynasty, began the dynasty of the Walis of Luristan. They ruled until 1927 when the last Wali lost his fiefdom to the central government which was then ruled by the Pahlavis.


MalekShahi ( ÊLi MeLik şahî )

Malekshahi County (Persian: شهرستان ملکشاهی) is a county in Ilam Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Arakvaz. It was separated from Mehran County in 2008. At the 2006 census, the county’s population was 31,393, in 5,722 families.[1] The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Gachi District. The county has two cities: Arakvaz and Delgosha. The people of the tribe malekshahi of the largest tribes in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Malekshahi Kurdish Elamite language and dialect is malekshahi

Ilam province


Badrei (Ali Sherwan)

Malek Shahi



Kalhor (Eyvani)

Deh Balai