Cash For Votes Scam

With blessings of RSS, Senior Leaders of BJP orchestrated “..Cash For Votes Scam..”, to help UPA Government tide over crucial vote of Confidence.
After winning crucial vote of Confidence, UPA Government ( led by Sonia Gandhi ) signed India–United States Civil Nuclear Agreement, which was publically opposed by BJP.This should expose the DOUBLE DEALING / DOUBLE CROSSING — Senior Leaders of BJP & RSS.

Senior Leaders of BJP then pretended that some BJP MPs cross-voted to bail out the UPA Government, out of their own volition to fool the Indian public.

CASH FOR VOTES Scam was orchestrated by Senior BJP Leaders to enable UPA Government survive Vote of Confidence on the floor of the parliament, after opposition parties led by Left Parties pulled out support for Congress/ UPA Government on Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal.


India–United States Civil Nuclear Agreement — An Act of TREASON

WikiLeaks exposed BJP’s double speak on India–United States Civil Nuclear Agreement.

“…Seshadri Chari, BJP National Executive member and RSS points man in the party figured in the diplomatic cables as having told an US embassy official in Delhi in December 2005 “not to read too much into the foreign policy resolution especially the parts relating to the US”, which had attacked the UPA’s “subservience” to Washington.
“…Chari dismissed the statement (resolution) as standard practice aimed at scoring easy political points against the UPA. BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar echoed these statements, saying that the BJP was not really upset about the US-India relationship, but merely wanted the Government of India and US government to be more forthcoming about any deal on nuclear policy,” the cable said…..”
“…In another cable, the embassy’s then Charge d’affaires Peter Burleigh wrote after a meeting with L K Advani in May 2009, just before the Lok Sabha poll results were out, the BJP veteran “downplayed” any move by his party to reopen the nuclear deal noting that BJP “does not take international agreements lightly….”
Former BJP President and Icon of Ramjanambhoomi Movement — L.K Advani acknowledged that the BJP’s public position in July 2008 was that the deal constrained the country’s strategic autonomy and that the party would reexamine if it returned to power, but connected that stance to “domestic political developments” then at play in India.
The BJP leader ( L.K Advani ), the diplomat wrote, was clear that there would be
“ imminent BJP move to reopen the (nuclear) deal. In his view, the government is a continuity, particularly in matters of foreign policy and international agreements cannot be taken lightly….”

Cash For Votes Scam

Cash For Votes Scam: Delhi Police, in its chargesheet, had indicted all six for their roles in the scam, involving payment of bribes to some MPs to win their votes in a trust motion, piloted by the Congress-led UPA government.

L K Advani’s former aide Sudheendra Kulkarni , his personal driver Sohail Hindustani and Two BJP MPs Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahabir Singh Bhagora colluded with Samajwadi Party Leader Amar Singh ( Through his aide to Sanjeev Saxena) to bribe several BJP MPs , who later cross voted to help Congress / UPA combine win the Crucial Vote Of Confidence on the Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal after Left Parties pulled out support for Congress/ UPA Government on Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal. Each BJP MPs had received some Rs 50 Crores as Bribe to Cross -Vote for Congress. LK Advani through his aide Sudheendra Kulkarni played a crucial role , which helped Congress / UPA Combine win Crucial Vote Of Confidence. Later some THE TIMES OF INDIA retracted its earlier reports that Sohail Hindustani was L.K Advani’s Driver and insisted thet he was a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Activist ( not L.K Advani’s Driver )..





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