CWG Scam

Value — Rs 1,00,000 Crores

Actual planning seems to have taken place way back in 1995 between Sonia Gandhi and L.K Advani.

In brief , way back in 2004 UPA government had allocated some 1,00,000 crores to SC/ST fund.

Somewhere in 2009–09 , after Congress / UPA won its 2nd term Sonia Gandhi quietly replaced T.K.A Nair — Principal Secretary in the PMO with Pulok Chatterjee — a Family Loyalist.

The first thing that Pulok did after coming to the PMO as Principal Secretary was to displace the centre of power. Earlier, the centre of power used to be Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth and ofcourse TKA Nair himself — the principal secretary to the PM , but now power centre has shifted to Eastern section of South Block , that is where , the Pulok Chatterjee has his office.

After he became the Principal secretary , he shifted the entire PMO ( Along with the concerned bureaucrats ) to Eastern section of South Block.

TKA Nair — earstwhile Principal Secretary to the PM — now is only an advisor to the Prime Minister.

Pulok chatterjee reports directly to Sonia Gandhi , not to the prime minister Dr Manmohan singh.

It was Pulok Chatterjee ,who went slow in the 2G Scam case ( Not the PM as reported in the media ).

It was Pulok Chatterjee , who was responsible for appointing Suresh Kalmadi — a trusted congressman , as Chairman of Olympic Committee , so it should light the bulb for people to understand , how Rs 80,000 Crore CWG Scam happened…!! . He was also responsible for establishing a gom headed by then hrd minister Arjun Singh and monitoring and supervising Commonwealth Games preparedness.

List of Congress / UPA Politicians involved in CWG scam were :

1. Congress president & UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi ,

2. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit ,

3. IOC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi ,

4. Now Principal Secretary in PMO Pulok Chatterjee ,

5. Former CEC MS Gill as Union Sports Ministers

6. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi

7. Rahul Gandhi’s political aide Kanishka Singh

As Former CEC MS Gill , later Sports Minister was REWARDED with 2,600 Acres of land Free Of Cost.

Suresh Kalmadi accumulated some Rs 6,000 Crores form CWG Scam.

EMAAR MGF is a company owned by Rahul Gandhi’s Aide Kanishk Singh , which was also involved in CWG Scam . Rahul Gandhi & Kanishk Singh came together during the Common Wealth Games ( CWG Scam— Rs 98,000 Crores ). They formed the Joint venture EMAAR MGF , which looted Rs 17,332 Crores during CWG Scam. Money was routed to Switzerland using Mauritious-Switzerland Route , Rahul Gandhi is supposed to have received Rs 13,554 Crores through this route.

S.K Singh , Kanishka’s father and an IFS officer was considered close to Rajiv Gandhi and served as Rajasthan Governor. EMMAR-MGF, was mired in controversy arising from its contract to build the Games Village Complex for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010.

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BJP Politicians involved in CWG Scam : Some Top BJP Politicians based in Delhi owing loyalty to L.K Advani are also believed to be involved in CWG Scam in collusion with UPA Government. The names of the BJP politicians are : V.K Malhotra , Vijay Goel & Sudhanshu Mittal. There may be more. This should explain why BJP leaders in Delhi never picked up CWG scam in any way at all in its 2013 assembly elections inspite of the fact that this was one of the Biggest Scams in recent history.

Delhi based BJP politicians are also involved in what you call MCD Scam ; There are some 15,000 Ghost workers in the rollcall of MCD receiving salaries anywhere between Rs 10,000 per month to Rs 50,000 per month.

An estimated Rs 50 Crores are siphoned off each month from MCD in collusion with the ruling Congress / UPA.

Both BJP and Congress Party work like a TEAM behind your back, against National interest. All TOP Bjp leaders have close ties to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Not surprisingly Narendra Modi Government has not filed a single case against Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

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